Best Meal Plan with Healthy Food and Family-Friendly Recipes

How to Meal Plan with Healthy Food and Family Recipes


Most moms hate that feeling of panic every day when they realize that they need to meal plan and come up with healthy food their family will like. Making a plan of healthy meals does not have to be time consuming or stressful. Just follow these simple guidelines and this collection of healthy food recipes.


Over the years I have found it helpful to have a good list of our favorite recipes on hand so that when dinner time creeps up on me and I am at a loss, I at least have some options to choose from. Make sure that healthy food is on the list too. Healthy food can taste great and be included in your family’s list of favorite meals.


Meal Plan Healthy Food

I have found that when I take the time to plan some meals, it’s easiest on me if I can think of as many meals as possible. Then I don’t have to meal plan as often and life is a little easier for me.


Hopefully, this list will give you some good ideas to help you know what to make for dinner tonight or what to add to your list. These are some of our favorite recipes that I have collected here to share with you.


Mealtime doesn’t have to be a drag every day. With a little bit of thinking and a little using of resources, we can have a nice healthy real-food dinner on the table each night without too much stress.


Our Favorite Family-Friendly Recipes for Healthy Food:


Pizza is a staple in most homes. Some people even have pizza once a week or more. This is our favorite pizza crust recipe that can be made once or made in batches to make life easier in the future. To batch this meal, I just open up a bunch of quart bags. While I’m making tonights crust, I add the same amount to each bag in front of me. Then I put the bags into the refrigerator to use on another busy night when all I will have to do is add warm water to my mix.


Oven Baked Fries – My family loves these fries better than any fast food option. Having a Veg-O-Matic or fry cutter is handy. Then all you have to do is add your spices to the bag, shake, and bake!


Beef and Chicken


Tacos and Burritos also fall into our “favorites” category. With a teenage son, this recipe has been used almost

healthy food taco recipe

every week in our house lately. It’s so easy to brown some ground beef and add some taco seasoning and water and call it dinner. It’s almost a 5 minute meal – Our favorite taco/burrito recipe


Skillet Cutlets are such a versatile meal option. You can use almost any type of meat and season your cutlets in a million different ways. This makes for a unique taste every meal if you want variety.


Oriental Beef is another family favorite at our house. Although these take a while to cook, once you have them in the pan, they cook themselves for a couple hours. This is a yummy option for a day you will be home doing other projects. Dinner can be cooking away and then when you are ready, it is ready for you to eat.


oriental beef recipe

Spanish Rice is a tasty one dish meal where all the flavors mesh together and please the palate. It doesn’t take a long time to cook this meal. Sometimes, if you have extra time, cook it a little longer to add flavor.


Stir Fry – This is another family favorite that is incredibly versatile using different meats and vegetables. Use up all those leftovers of vegetables in the refrigerator here. Also, cook this meal when your garden is in high-production mode. This will help you use a lot of vegetables with less meat.


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Healthy Food Recipe Hack


What are your family’s favorite meals? If they are not healthy food, is there a way you can swap out some ingredients to make it more healthy?


The key to making a good meal plan with healthy food is collecting recipes you already have. Start with healthy food recipes you already have and then expand from there. This will help you eat at home more since studies show that eating at home is much healthier.healthy meal planning printable


Collect your healthy food recipes in one place. This can be in a book, in a note on your phone, on pinterest or even Evernote or some other electronic platform. Choose which platform works best for you.


In my studies show, I show you how to multiply your favorite healthy food meals so you can have tons of meals in the freezer. One thing I teach in there is to take a piece of paper (or a note on your phone) and list all the meals that you want to make for the next 2 weeks. I like to pick 12-14 meals. Then I write next to those the ingredients I need for those meals. That’s my meal plan! I just get up in the morning and choose one of the meals that I feel like making and meal planning is done for the day!


If you like stocking your pantry and then cooking from there, then my Cooking From Your Cupboard Cookbook is for you. No more running to the store for last-minute ingredients. You keep what you need and make your meals each day from the recipes and ingredients you have on hand.


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meal plan for healthy food

How to Meal Plan with Healthy Food and Family Recipes

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