How to Lose Weight Without Willpower

Get the Best Secrets on How to Lose Weight Without Willpower

Some say that willpower doesn’t work so let’s talk about how to lose weight without willpower. Is willpower all that important?

How to lose weight without willpower

Many people who diet blame the fact that they can’t follow through on their food plans because of a lack of willpower. Others argue that you either choose to stick with a plan or you don’t.

Is it all a matter of choice? Is there a mystical part of ourselves that guides us to make right or wrong choices?

 Whether you have an opinion about willpower or not, the fact is that most of us have blamed a lack of willpower when we fall off our diet.

How to lose weight

When you find yourself walking around the kitchen looking for something to eat, sometimes you find yourself eating a ton of chips or sweets that you know are not good for your diet. This a decision we make that we hate ourselves for later.

Is this a reason to feel like a failure? Should we heap guilt on ourselves for falling off our diet? We do hold ourselves responsible, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it.

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Willpower Busters and How to Stick to Your Diet

  1. Everything in Moderation – When you find yourself in the battle between caving to the craving and giving up and staying on a path to diet success, stop and hold on to the fact that you don’t have to give in all the way. Your diet says to not consume a single grain of sugar, but you want the whole chocolate brownie. Instead of eating the whole pan and saying that you have no willpower, how about slowing down and eating 3 bites? This is way better than eating the whole pan and still gives you a little treat.
  2. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and recover. Learning a diet and understanding a healthy eating plan takes time. Maybe you need some more recipes. And maybe you need to do some more reading or watching about the health effects of eating too much sugar.
  3. Go very slowly when considering a less-than-desirable food choice. See yourself as going in super slow motion like in a movie. Stop and ask yourself some questions.
Easy ways to know how to lose weight without willpower

– What will my future self think of this decision?

– How will I feel after I eat a lot of this item? Will I feel tired or unmotivated after I eat this?

– Can I eat just a few bites of this?

– Am I bored? What else can I do to keep myself occupied?

– Can I find a piece of fruit to eat instead?

All of these questions and others can help slow down the bad decisions and keep you on your diet path. Take lots of time to consider each question. Don’t rush into any decision quickly.

4. Think about your routine – Are you walking into the kitchen and eating every time you walk in? Are you finding food in your mouth and wondering how it got there? Get in the habit of not leaving food sitting out to grab. Store everything you want to avoid in an airtight container. This way you have to consciously work at getting that container open and think about what you are doing.

5. Make Good Decisions at the Grocery Store – Those decisions to have bad food in your house begin at the grocery store. Fill up with good healthy food before you go, make a healthy food list, and stick to it! Unhealthy foods should not be anywhere near your house. If family members complain, think about whether they should be eating unhealthy food too. When only good foods are there, they will figure out something to eat.

Ask family members to eat the bad foods at work or school so that everyone can make good food choices at home. If you don’t do the grocery shopping, ask your friend or family member to not buy those things or to keep them in another room in the house where you can’t see them. Eating good food is important and if they truly care about you they will listen and try to do better.

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6. Check your emotions – Are you eating to hide some feelings you are having? Is there stress in your life that you need to deal with? Talk to a good friend or see a counselor if there are issues you need to deal with. You can figure out how to lose weight without willpower even if you have struggled in the past. Essential oils are great to help with emotions and motivation too.

Go through these steps and instill them into your daily routine. We are not used to thinking before we eat. We’re just in a hurry, on the go, and mindlessly go about our day while we make decisions about what we’re eating.

Don’t get discouraged by thinking that you have no willpower. When you take good steps, you can learn how to lose weight without willpower. Then you can celebrate your successes and feel empowered when you see your weight loss results.

Choose a Good Diet

Another part of weight loss success is choosing a diet that suits your personality and lifestyle. Most people choose many different diets in their lifetime. If you want to know how to lose weight without willpower, be sure to pick a good diet that you can implement easily.

Will power doesn't work

Choosing a diet brings up all the worries that, once again, you will fall off the diet wagon. Will this one leave you quitting before you reach your weight loss goals?

Whether this is your first or hundredth diet, know that it is possible to find a good plan and stick to it so that you can get to the weight you want to be.

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How to Find a Good Diet Plan for You

Choose a diet that’s not too strict for your lifestyle. If you choose a diet that basically requires you to cook every meal at home in a certain way and you work a full-time job away from home, that will not be a good choice. Think about the healthy foods that you like and focus on a plan that can include those.

Good willpower quote

Realize that moderation is the key for any plan you choose. Everyone can be strict for a while, but what happens when that strictness stops. Will all your hard work go out the window and will the weight come back on? What a waste of time.If you look at a plan and start to feel like you might not be able to stick to it, you’re better off not starting that one.  Go back to the books (or youtube) and find a more doable plan for you. It IS possible to find a plan to help you lose weight without willpower.

How to Reduce Your Appetite the Easy Way…

Choose a plan that includes foods on the outside edges of the grocery store. If you’re buying lots of prepackaged foods for your diet, chances are it is not very good for you. Make sure there are tons of real foods included in your diet plan that you can eat for the rest of your life. This will keep you on a balanced course that is safe for your body and easy to stick with.

Choose a diet that you can stop and evaluate after 30-90 days. If you know you will only be on a certain diet plan for a limited amount of time, you will be more likely to stay on plan.

Can you exist with this plan for the rest of your life? Can you exist without eating another grain of sugar or salt again in your lifetime? Will you be able to turn down bread at every meal for the next 40 years? Then maybe avoid this rigid plan or decide to only use it for a certain amount of days. If you stick to a rigid plan and then regain the weight and more, that will be very discouraging.

Great Diet Plans

No willpower to lose weight

There are plenty of great diet plans out there that can teach you how to lose weight without willpower and help you for a long time. Then you don’t have to say that willpower doesn’t work because you have found a plan that works well for your lifestyle.

No diet plan involves eating all kinds of junk food, but there are plenty of sensible plans that offer ways to eat without leaving an entire food group off your plate.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Weight Loss Coffee Details
  2. Detox Tea and Metabolism-Boosting Super Foods

Follow your heart instead of a fad when it comes to making up your mind about a diet. Choose a diet that is doable for your lifestyle, but realize that you might have to make a few sacrifices along the way.

Another part of how to lose weight without willpower that works for some people is to visualize yourself at a healthy weight.

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How to Use Visual Cues for Weight Loss

Get out that skinny picture of yourself when you were at an awesome weight. You still have those same bones so it’s possible to look like that since you once did.

Many experts are finding that dieters can achieve their results more quickly if they visualize themselves thin or at least as a healthy person. Maybe you were never thin, but you can still find a picture of a healthy person that you want to emulate.

Oftentimes visualization can help people bring their goals closer to reality. When people live life as if they have already achieved their healthy weight, this can help reinforce good habits and success. Then the thought that willpower won’t work doesn’t even need to be an issue.

Picturing yourself healthy is a good way to encourage you to stick it out and adhere to your diet and exercise plan.  You have something to look forward to and you know what it will feel like once you get there.

You can also use all your senses to get this visual picture of yourself. Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to lose 50 pounds. Breathe deeply and really make this a part of your thinking that you can feel and be thinner.

Visualizing yourself as healthier and thinner doesn’t require any special skill, money, or time. You can use this technique anywhere and no one needs to know that you’re secretly visualizing your weight loss success.

Weight Loss plan

Fully imagine what your life will be like once the weight is off and you have reached your goals. Picture yourself at a nice restaurant sitting down and eating a healthy meal. Envision what it will smell like, taste like and sound like around. you.

What are you feeling at that moment? You will feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that you worked hard and you achieved your goal, but really feel what it will be like for you at that moment.

Don’t picture yourself from the outside. Visualize the scene from inside your body enjoying the new you that worked hard, ate healthy, and lost the weight they needed to lose. This is one of the most helpful ways to use when searching for how to lose weight without willpower.

Another great way to help you affirm your goals is through positive affirmations and Bible verses. Focusing on positive thoughts is always a good thing.

Affirmations for a Healthy Weight:

Weight Loss Coffee

I am eating healthy food.

Today I have control over my eating habits.

I eat reasonable portions.

Today I plan ahead for healthier eating.

Bible Verses for Healthy Life:

“You satisfy me more than the richest feast. I will praise you with songs of joy.” Psalm 63:5

” I will discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.” I Corinthians 9:27

“They are headed for destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and they think only about this life here on earth. But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior.” Phillipians 3:19-20

“But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Psalm 81:16

” For the Spirit of God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

More Weight Loss Help

lose weight quickly fb

Sometimes you just need some extra help with weight loss. I’ve found books to be very helpful in setting my mind on the right weight loss principles. Two of the most helpful books I have found to help combat the idea that willpower doesn’t work are these two:

Waist Away The Chantal Ray Way – This book is one of the most helpful books for me. She interviewed over 1,000 thin women and shares their mindsets in this book. She also does a great job of helping to set a healthy mindset for weight loss. I highly recommend this book!

I Can Make You Thin – This is a fun and practical book. And although I don’t agree with hypnosis, he did have a lot of good mindset ideas and tools to help people lose weight. He also shares principles that he found after interviewing skinny people.

lose weight with coffee

Another good way to help know how to lose weight without willpower is to drink weight loss coffee. Getting the right formulation is important, but once you do, your body can release weight and help you get control of your appetite. Another bonus is mental clarity and energy! When your appetite is under control with the herbs in the coffee, willpower is not an issue at all.

I hope all these tips have been helpful to you in knowing how to lose weight without willpower. Please let me know if this has helped you or if you have any questions.

How to Lose Weight Without Willpower

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  1. Great tips! I think one of the things starters have to remind themselves the most is that, results won’t be instant. They sometimes feel down to not see any results right away. I agree to what you said, to give allow ourselves to make mistakes and recover from them 🙂 Anyways, thanks for these tips. Love lots, xoxo

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