Baby Steps to Losing Weight Easily and For Good

Tips for Losing Weight Easily


When it comes to losing weight easily and for good, everyone wants it but not too many people know how to achieve it. Doctors just tell you to eat less and exercise more, but, the truth is, plenty of people are doing that and not seeing results.

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Make sure your breakfast contains enough protein


Good sources of protein include eggs, oats, meat, quinoa, cottage cheese, peanut butter, edamame beans, canned tuna, plain greek yogurt, black beans, sunflower seeds, lentils, whey protein, canned salmon, dairy products, pumpkin seeds, almonds, Ezekiel bread, and more. You can’t go wrong focusing on protein for breakfast!


Eat slowly


When we eat fast and shove food in, we tend to eat more. So slow down and let your body’s natural “full-meter” kick in for you. Eat sitting down as much as possible.


Eat as many vegetables as possible


If you are eating 7 cups of vegetables a day, there will be less room for the unhealthy foods. Can’t eat 7 cups? Start by eating 3 cups of vegetables a day. You will save money in the grocery store and find yourself eating less of the processed foods that you know you should be avoiding anyway.


Make your main drink water

Best Alkaline Water

Click the image to get access to the water system we use.


Most people find that when they give up soda, they lose 10 pounds pretty easily. Fruit juices and sports drinks can also add unnecessary carbs to your diet that could be sabotaging your weight loss goals. You can’t go wrong with drinking water as your main beverage. Make sure you’re getting good alkaline water though and not drinking tap water or bottled water as your main source of water.


Eat mostly weight loss friendly foods


Learn what those foods are here if you’re not sure. Keep healthy foods close to you and available at all times. Healthy snacks are important in any weight loss plan. That way, when you’re tempted to snack on something, you will not be sabotaging your weight loss goals.


Cut back on sugars

Baby Steps to Losing Weight Easily and For Good 1Baby Steps to Losing Weight Easily and For Good 2
This is easier said than done. My two favorite ways to help me battle my sugar addiction are Lakanto Sweetener and Liquid Stevia. Get some good recipes for healthy snacks and you’ll make it easy for yourself to cut back on sugar.  


Using Coffee for Weight Loss

If you’re already drinking coffee, why not drink coffee that will help you lose weight too! Get the right kind of coffee to help you lose weight even quicker.


You want a weight loss coffee that will do these things for you:How to lose weight with coffee

  • Suppress appetite
  • Give physical energy
  • Help maintain mental focus and enhanced clarity.
  • Enhance thirst
  • Taste good – this part is not as important to me as the others because I would drink dirt if it helped me lose weight easily.


Don’t like coffee? Drink Detox Tea instead and still lose weight. If you decide to give the coffee a try, there are plenty of organic liquid and powder sweeteners  that can make anything taste good. I am not able to drink coffee without sweetness, so I rely on these sweeteners a lot.


We’re here for the weight loss, not a gourmet taste test. So get a good weight loss coffee recipe and enhance it how you need to to make it taste good to you.


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More Tips for Weight Loss Success

Many people think that you have to eat like a bird, exercise 6 hours a day, and never go out to eat. Although that Easy ways to know how to lose weight without willpowermight help you start losing weight easily, who can maintain that?


How many people have you heard lose 50 pounds and 6 months later, have gained it all back? Crazy healthy eating plans are good while they last, but almost impossible to maintain in the world we live.


That’s why it’s important to implement the above tips and know what to do once you have met your goals.


Keep Weight Loss Coffee on Hand Even After You Have Met Your Weight Loss Goals

The nice thing about this weight loss coffee is that it is always there for you. Once you are losing weight and get to your goal, you can either keep drinking this coffee or keep it on hand in case you start gaining weight.


If any weight starts to creep back on, you just start drinking the coffee again and the weight comes back off. This is healthy weight loss because if you gain 5 pounds back, you nip it in the bud and get it back off again. Then you start losing weight easily. This avoids gaining back the 50 pounds and starting all over again.


The extra energy and mental focus and clarity are amazing, so most people like to keep drinking it. That keeps the weight loss stable because your appetite is still suppressed. That way you are not tempted to go back to eating a ton.


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What about Exercise?

Exercise is always a good thing but shouldn’t be the main focus of your weight loss goals. Eating well is very Exercise at homeimportant if you’re wanting to maintain a healthy weight. They say, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet.”


So feel free to walk and exercise at home or at a gym, but make sure that the foods you are eating regularly are matching up with your goals.


Need some tips on how to start an exercise plan or which exercises are best for you? Check out these 5 Simple Tips to a Great Exercise Plan.


Best Way to Lose Weight for Good

Keep the good foods in your house and keep the bad foods away. People who want to lose weight eat good foods while they are trying to lose weight. Then when they reach their goal weight, they bring those unhealthy foods back into their life. You HAVE to eat more good foods than bad if you want to achieve and maintain any type of weight loss and start losing weight easily.


Keep weight loss coffee on hand. With this plan, you don’t have to think as much about what to eat to lose weight. The coffee will help your body and mind work together so that you can achieve your goal weight and start losing weight easily.


Take smaller portions and pay attention to whether you are full. If you’re not full, take a little more. If you are full, then walk away and enjoy your day.


Everyone tells you to eat less, but who is able to do that? This gives you small changes in weight loss that you can actually feel.


Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and able to flush out toxins. It’s best to drink one to two quarts of good water a day. This will give you a better chance at losing weight easily.


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Drinking Weight Loss Coffee Gives You a Boost Over Other Diet Methods


I need to mention here that I really hate coffee! Every few years I would try some coffee and still think it was disgusting. On the other hand, I would drink dirt if it helped me lose weight. So I found liquid stevia was the key to helping me enjoy coffee. If you like creamy coffee, then use almond milk or an almond milk-based creamer to give you the creamy base without the healthy compromise.


Technology is constantly improving and scientists have finally found a way to use coffee to help people lose weight. Contact me if you want to get a discount on this coffee.  Because who wants to pay full price when they can get a discount?


Losing weight easily is at your fingertips. Pay attention to your body when drinking this coffee. Enjoy your lower appetite and greater thirst and you’ll be losing weight easily.


So keep eating well (like you have probably already been doing), drink this coffee and listen to your body.


Let me know if you have any questions at all.


Weight loss coffee recipe

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How to Find the Key to Losing Weight Easily

Posted by Heidi
March 6, 2020

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