1. My mother hates coffee, and I love my mom.

    I am more like you I think, and I like coffee if it has something sweet and creamy in it.

    I also have a lot of trouble eating less, to be honest, I am unpleasant to be around when I get hangry no matter how hard I try. So I’ve been trying to fill my diet with food and drinks that will help me lose weight.

    I’ll have to try the free samples of revital U slimming coffee. I drink a lot of coffee as it is and I could use the extra mental focus.
    Daniel Fresquez recently posted…Fix the Problem of Constantly Eating and Not Feeling FullMy Profile

    • I will email you Melissa and we can chat back and forth privately. The coffee improves my mood, causes me to feel full quicker and helps me be a little more thirsty so I drink more water. I have lost weight and inches and if I stall at any point, I just stop the coffee for a week and start back up again. This resets my body well and it responds again. Not everyone has to do this, but I think my thyroid runs a little slow and need some extra help when it comes to weight loss. You can get a free 3-day sample on the website (just pay shipping), so that would give you a chance to try it. Or you can get a 30 day tub and give it a month. I saw results in 3 days but it’s really not enough time for most. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

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