Smart Way Cooking

Discover how to use batch cooking to slash your time in the kitchen and still eat healthy meals

Struggling to find the time to get good meals on the table? Struggle no more!

Learn the easy way to meal prep and get dinner on the table fast without having to cook each night.

You’ll Discover How To:

Plan your meals for greatest efficiency

Do less dishes

Set up your kitchen so it’s easy to cook

 Eat better and cook less

Eliminate mealtime stress

Save money

Cook healthy meals without any extra effort 

Use this system to save time so you can do other things you enjoy more than cooking!

Dinnertime can be stressful

You don’t know what to cook, don’t have much in your pantry to work with, and you don’t really feel like cooking in the first place. You know you should make good home-cooked meals but it just seems too overwhelming or too much work. Here’s a little cooking help….

batch cooking

Smart Way Cooking will help you overcome all these obstacles. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this before.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

 Heidi makes freezer cooking easy and straightforward with tons of great tips as well as reasons to quadruple what you’re already cooking. All the things you need for freezer cooking are listed and even ways to adjust if you don’t have an extra or deep freezer. Besides all of this amazing information included in this ebook, the recipes are simple and easy to follow with all the information you need! – Jennifer

I love this concept of cooking double, triple, or quadruple meals at one time. This is such an easier and more realistic way of making a stock of freezer meals for future dinner nights. – Jordyn

I really loved Smart Way Cooking!  Also, we are having a wonderful time just now because we are seeing God’s gracious hand in feeding us every day after my husband has had no work for a while and we haven’t been buying our usual.  – Sharon

You have great tips about making meals in advance. I can relate to this since I don’t enjoy meal prepping on the weekends. There were great tips about how to make it happen during the week when you’re actually cooking dinner. – Erin

The book really helped me rethink some things.  I was able to plan meals for a month in Jan and employ some bulk cooking throughout to have already prepared meals later in the month and then some for the next month.  My difficulty now is translating my list of recipes to the correct quantities I need to buy because some things aren’t exact here in Brazil.  That must take a special type of brain because it makes me crazy! Ha!  Thanks so much for your encouragement. – Grace in Brazil

Thanks so much for trying to help us to streamline our lives and have great meals while spending less time in the kitchen. – Grace E.

I was struggling to feed healthy meals to my three kids, hold down a full-time job, and unexpectedly homeschool.  Heidi’s book has a workable, easy-to-follow system – not just great recipes that are a true treasure to my busy household! – Marianne

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I call myself the “Once A Month Cooking” dropout.

Maybe you have tried Once a Month Cooking or maybe you thought to yourself, “I could never do that.” Most people that I know that have done OAMC have only done it once.

I know a few people that have made that system work, but I have found an even better system that works MUCH better and takes MUCH less time. You get just as many, if not more, meals in the freezer with this system. 

Learn how to save time and money in the kitchen with this simple batch cooking system. 

You’ll be amazed how quickly you can get meals in the freezer without much effort on your part.

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