8 Simple Ways to Infuse Healthy Living into Your Day

Healthy Living for Busy People

Practicing simple healthy steps each day can make living a lifestyle of wellness even more automatic than ever before. Being a natural mom is simple but not always easy. Follow these steps and healthy living will be much easier for your family.

Steps for Healthy Living

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Drink water – This will simplify your life because you won’t have to keep a bunch of different beverages stocked. If you don’t like water, you can always add a few drops of essential oils to your water to give your water some flavor. Plus essential oils will help you support your body on your wellness journey.

Use Natural remedies – Think of one ailment someone in your family has and replace what you are doing for that ailment with a natural remedy. Then slowly do this with more and more ailments over the next several weeks.

De-stress – Applying and diffusing essential oils is a great way to de-stress your body.

Limit Your Devices – If you always sit down and watch TV at 7, try waiting till 8 to turn on the TV. Instead of having your phone next to you all the time, place your phone by the door or in a designated spot and only check it a few times a day. Also, turn off as many notifications as possible so you are not tempted to check it when you hear a notification.

Get more sleep – Determine how much sleep you need in order to feel good for the day. Then adjust your schedule to either get to sleep earlier or sleep in later. The healthy amount of sleep recommended for an adult is 7-8 hours.

If you are finding that you need more or less sleep than this, your body might be trying to tell you something about your adrenal or thyroid health. Pay attention and do your research on adrenal fatigue and how you can support your body to get it back into balance.

Eat real foods – Focus on eating fruits, vegetables, and meat. Think about what your grandparents or great grandparents ate and work on eating only those foods. If you are too tempted by what is in your house, get rid of any boxes or bottles of food that contain more than 5 ingredients. If at all possible, buy organic food whenever available.

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Supplement – Take good supplements. Our soil just doesn’t contain the nutrients it once did. You probably have some good ones on your shelves that you can take. There are tons of supplements and books about supplements out there.

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Workout plan and sports equipment top view close-up

Exercise – Find something you enjoy doing and do it regularly. Some people will only exercise if they have a class to go to. Others hate leaving home and prefer to exercise at home. Some people love lifting weights and others hate lifting weights.

If you like running, run. If you hate running, find another form of exercise that you like and just do it! I like jumping on my mini trampoline and exercising to youtube experts, but you might like something totally different than that.

Check out my exercise articles on Exercising from Home Successfully and 5 Steps to a Successful Fitness Plan.

The key is liking what you do and doing it consistently.

I hope these tips for living a healthy life have helped you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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