6 Harmful Toxins to Easily Remove from Your Home Right Now

How to Remove Harmful Toxins

We like to think that our home is a safe haven with no harmful toxins, where we can protect our families from the outside world. The truth is, because of the lack of labeling on cleaning and personal care products, we are allowing many chemicals to invade our homes without realizing it.

Are Harmful Toxins Labeled?

Food labeling is commonplace now, but it didn’t used to be. Many people had to work very hard to get laws passed that required manufacturers to list all the ingredients on the label.

If we purchase a cleaning product or personal care product, we should

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have the right to know what is inside the bottle or tube, right? Well, we have some work to do before ingredients will be listed on those.

The first thing to understand is that anything that touches our skin or is breathed in either goes right into the limbic system of our brain or into our bloodstream in seconds. We certainly don’t want paint thinner on our skin, but are some of the other products we come in contact with daily affecting us negatively too?

Consumers everywhere are sick of what is being allowed into our products and they are starting to speak loudly.

For now, here is a list of the six harmful toxins we can remove from our homes right now:

1. Fabric Softener– when you think of having nice soft clothes, you don’t think of chemicals causing the softness. The truth is that these softeners contain chemicals which can be air pollutants, endocrine and hormone disruptors, and respiratory irritants.

We have lived for MANY years without fabric softeners and we never noticed that our clothes were stiff or hard. We also lived without the chemicals on our clothes, which makes me happy.

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Check out how your favorite fabric softener stacks up on the EWG grading scale for fabric softeners

2. Dryer Sheets – We have also lived MANY years without dryer sheets. Again, the chemicals in these sheets can cause the same nasty effects as the chemicals listed above. We now have wool dryer balls that we can throw in with our clothes. These make our clothes softer and shorten drying time.

Check and see how your dryer sheet brand stands up to the EWG grading scale for dryer sheets.

3. Shampoo and conditioners – The main ingredients to avoid include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens (banned in Japan and Sweden, used as a preservative and germicide), phthalates (banned in Europe, contains hormone-disrupting chemicals), fragrances (research toluene and see why you don’t want to this anywhere near your family members), propylene glycol (antifreeze), alcohol, aluminum, DEA, and petrolatum for starters.

You’ll want to choose an organic shampoo and conditioner to protect your family from coming in contact or breathing in these harmful toxins in most store-bought brands. Or you can make your own with these personal care recipes.

4. All-purpose cleaners 

Even the “green” cleaners don’t have to list their ingredients on the label and contain chemicals and harmful toxins you don’t want your children to inhale or come in contact with.

5. Lotion – Most lotions contain the same chemicals that are in shampoos and conditioners. on the other hand, there are plenty of amazing organic lotions out there that will leave your skin nice and smooth. Make your own soothing skin lotion with great recipes. Don’t slather harmful chemicals onto your skin!

6. Candles, room sprays, and plug-ins – Home air pollution is a real fact. Many families are unknowingly exposing their families to chemicals. Then these scents can emit hundreds of harmful chemicals known to be carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and reproductive toxicants even at low levels. Keep reading to find out what to use instead of candles, room sprays and plug-ins…

What to use instead?

A home diffuser is a great choice. The scent is pure, clean and actually good for you when you use pure essential oils. Then you can choose from over 200 scents and blends of oils which cuts down on clutter. This eliminates the need for owning a ton of candles or sprays.

The oils can be applied to the skin AND dropped into the diffuser. This makes them the perfect addition to any home.

Make the Switch from Harmful Toxins and Chemicals!

I hope you can see how easy it is to start swapping out things you use every day for natural alternatives. You will never regret making this switch!

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How to Remove Harmful Toxins

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