Cooking with Essential Oils – Favorite Tips and Tricks

I’ve been cooking with essential oils for a while now so I thought I would post some tips and tricks for which oils are used for which dishes. Essential oils from Young Living are very potent so a drop or less is all you need in most cases.

How to Implement Cooking with Essential Oils:

cooking with essential oils

I only recommend using Young Living Vitality oils for ingesting. Other oils can say “pure” but can easily have additives and chemicals in them that you don’t want to take the risk and feed your family.

Here are some of the Vitality oils to use for cooking. I’ll list the oil and what to use it in.

Basil – pasta, salads, soups, lemonade, breads

Lemongrass – tea, Asian recipes, chicken

Oregano – use sparingly (use a toothpick swirl to start with) – Mexican/Mediteranean dishes, gluten free pizza, sauces

Rosemary – tomato sauce, marinades, breads, pasta. Bread dip recipe – mix olive oil, balsamic vinagrette, and rosemary.

Peppermint – in drinks (water, hot chocolate, protein shake), baked goods

Spearmint – marinades, salad

Black Pepper – marinades, roasted vegetables, dressings, guacamole, pasta, rice, potatoes, mexican dishes

Thyme – marinades, dips, pasta, poultry, vegetables

Lavender – with jams and jellies, lemonade, sorbet, short bread, pound cake, ice cream, meringue, whipped cream, savory dishes.

These oils are the same oils as the regular Young Living line, they are just marked for ingestion. It’s confusing but that’s the way they have to be labeled so we can use them in an FDA compliant manner.

Another fun thing to make is infused oil. All you do is pour 1/4 c olive oil into a container. Add 2-6 drops of one of the above essential oils. Now you have your own bottle of infused oil! This can be added to vegetables after they are heated and you take them off the stove. It can be added to salad dressings and used as a bread dip too. You will love the flavor this adds to your food!

Posted by Heidi
April 27, 2016

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