Simple Ways to Stretch Your Money

Living and raising a family seems to be getting more and more expensive. Although gas prices are a little lower, food and other costs seem to have increased. This causes us to have to stretch our money even more. Over the years, we have found ways to make our money go further. I will share my best tips here.

stretch your money

Tips to Stretch Your Money:

Fruit – Get it cheap when you can. Most fruit freezes well so getting extra fruit or freezing fruit that is starting to go bad is a great money saving measure. Frozen fruit works great for smoothies and is a refreshing snack on a hot day.

Workouts – There is no need to join an expensive gym unless you know for sure you will never work out unless you have one. There are tons of exercise videos online and even more DVDs at garage sales and thrift stores. Just pop a dvd into a laptop or go to You can exercise just about anywhere with a wide variety of exercises to fit your style this way.

Soap – Liquid hand soap is quite pricey and gets overused in most households. An easy way to save 75% in this area is to buy a foaming soap dispenser. You fill it about 1/4 of the way with liquid soap and then fill the rest with water. Your family will still have a nice amount of soap to use and you will be saving tons of money throughout the year. Read my post about toxins in hand soap and what you can use that is even cheaper and better for you.

Fix it with YouTube

Recently our front loading dryer stopped working. My husband went on YouTube and found that others had the same problem that we did. We ordered the part online and got it in a couple of days. He replaced it and we saved well over $100 that we would have spent on a repair man.

A friend had a TV that wasn’t working and thought they had to get a new one. After looking on YouTube, my husband was able to help them get it working again. He has used this method for mowers and cars too. If you have a tough issue with a car, chances are someone else has too. Many people make YouTube videos to talk about it about how they fixed various items.

Even when money seems tight, there are always ways to cut corners and stretch your money. Want to learn more ways to save money? Check out my posts on Simple Ways to Save $200 and More Ways to Save $200.

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