8 Clean Eating Weight Loss Tips

How to Implement the 8 Clean Eating Weight Loss Tips

Clean eating tips
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When you switch to a clean diet, you’ll be focusing more on real food, lean meat, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. This will put you on the right track for achieving a healthy weight.


Do you want to know how to speed up this process? Keep reading to get the best 8 clean eating for weight loss tips. You’ll want to implement these tips especially if you have a lot of weight to lose or if you’re having pre-diabetic symptoms.


1. Watch The Sweeteners


You’ll be cutting out white sugar and artificial sweeteners on a clean eating plan but natural sweeteners like agave syrup, honey, maple syrup are allowed. Most plans say to use these in moderation but be careful. It’s easy to eat these syrups a lot because they taste so good. Replacing regular sugar with “clean” sugars sounds good but they will still spike your blood sugar and will probably keep you from losing weight.


As you eat more fruit, the sugary sweets will seem too sweet. If you need to have some sweet treats, try liquid stevia in your tea or Lakanto sweetener for baking. You’ll want to be careful with your choices of recipes. Here’s a great chocolate/almond treat that satisfies the sweet tooth and uses the Lakanto sweetener instead.8 Clean Eating for Weight Loss Tips


Many people have been able to give up sugar completely and say that they feel awesome. If sugar has a stronghold on you, then you’ll probably need to do some reading and talking to yourself about what’s really going on.


Your tongue is the only part of your body that really craves the sugar. The rest of your body doesn’t care what you put in there as long as it gets energy.


2. Carbs in Moderation


It’s easy to substitute whole grains for white bread but they both contain lots of carbs. One of the best ways to lose weight is to lower your carbohydrate consumption. Fill your plate with low carb, non-starchy vegetables (go easy on the potatoes) and add in some berries. Use a low carb salad dressing to help make the greens tastier.


Track your carbohydrate consumption for a few days with the MyPlate app or something similar. This can help you get a feel for what clean foods are high in carbs. Once you lower your carbohydrate intake, also keep track of how you are feeling. Do you have more energy, are more regular, or feel less brain fog? This will also help you be motivated to eat less carbs.


3. Get Plenty of Healthy Proteins


When you’re cutting back on sugars and carbs, you wonder what you are able to eat. A big salad will only satisfy you for so long. You can make up the difference with plenty of lean protein and healthy fats. These both take a longer time to digest and will help you stay full.

Good sources of protein include things like chicken, cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, ground turkey, fish, etc. with each meal or snack. Make healthy proteins an important part of your clean eating for weight loss plan.


4. Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats


Nuts are good to eat because they are full of healthy fats. Almonds, brazil nuts, and walnuts have the most amount of Healthy fatshealthy fats. It’s best to eat them unsalted for the best health benefit. Make sure your portion sizes are in check when eating nuts and healthy fats.


This is also one of the more important 8 clean eating for weight loss tips.


5. Drink Plenty of Water


Many times we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty. When you feel the munchies, try drinking a glass of water first. This might fill you up and you get the added benefit of having zero calories Along with that, when you stay well hydrated, it’s easier for your body to process body fat into energy your body can use. In other words, drink your water and melt that fat right off your body.


Again, make sure this is one of the 8 clean eating weight loss tips that you don’t skip out on! Fill a quart jar with water every morning and noon to keep track and make sure you’re getting enough water each day.


6. Make Sure You’re Getting Your Body Moving


It IS very important to eat the right type of foods in the right portions when using clean eating for weight loss. But it’s still important to make sure you’re moving your body enough each day. You don’t have to be in the gym every day or run 5 miles each day either. Those are helpful, but even taking a 20-minute walk or climbing some stairs or running around the block can have a positive impact.Exercise routine

You can go for a short walk after dinner, park a little further away at the mall or dance around the kitchen to your favorite music. This helps you burn extra calories a little at a time. It also kicks up your metabolism and puts you in a better mood.


7. Remove Unhealthy Foods From Your House


Get the tempting food out of your house. You should have only the foods listed in this article at your house. Anything extra like crackers, ice cream, potato chips, candy bars, soda, etc. should be removed. Even the most dedicated healthy eaters have a hard time avoiding these foods when they are readily available.


How to eat clean for beginners

If you have family members that just can’t be without these foods or refuse to help you eliminate them, then ask them if they would consider only eating them away from home. See if they will let you keep these foods out of your house for a designated amount of time, like a few weeks or a month.


Help them understand why you want to eliminate these foods by sharing the health information you have been reading. Let’s face it, this food isn’t good for them either. The sooner they recognize that, the healthier they will be. Maybe they will join you on this healthy eating journey.


If you can’t convince them to keep these unhealthy foods out of your house, then you will have to live with that. It helps me to think of unhealthy foods as just blobs filled with chemicals. Who wants to eat a bunch of chemicals when you can fill up on good healthy options that will make you feel great instead of sluggish.


This might be one of the hardest of the 8 clean eating weight loss tips, but it will be the one that keeps you from sabotaging your weight loss program the most. Get rid of these foods! Your body will thank you and your family members will get over it.


8. Team Up With a Buddy


Do you have other friends in your life that want to lose weight or eat healthy (or both)? Do your health research together and decide what eating plan you will follow.


This friend doesn’t have to live close to you although that does help. Check in daily at first and then weekly once you get going. Maybe you can take walks or exercise together to help keep each other accountable and check in on what you ate that day or week.


I hope these 8 clean eating weight loss tips have helped you. Here’s a video I created that outlines simple ways to infuse healthy living into your day.



Here’s the full post if you would rather read it instead – Simple Ways to Infuse Healthy Living Into Your Day



If you’re still not convinced that clean eating is for you, keep reading and learn some more benefits of clean eating for weight loss.


3 Great Reasons To Start Eating Clean


Who doesn’t love cake, pizza, and potato chips? Giving up unhealthy foods is not easy. They just seem to fill a void you think you have.  These tips should give you a little extra motivation to switch over to eating clean. Here are three good reasons why you should make clean eating a part of your life.


1. You Have More Energy and Feel Better


Clean eating is all about eating unprocessed, real foods that are beneficial for you and your body. Getting rid of junkbenefits of clean eating food can be hard, but you might notice a difference almost immediately. You might have more energy throughout the day and start to feel better. You may even find that you don’t need so much coffee in the morning and that you’re sleeping better.


Clean eating gives your body the nutrients it needs to run at its best. Instead of going on a caffeine or sugar high and subsequent crash, you’re getting the food and energy your body craves. This will give it more fuel and energy to make it through the day feeling great.


2. You Look Healthier

Real food gives you the vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients than anything in pill or cream form can’t. You might also find that you will have thicker, shinier hair and clearer, firmer skin.


Processed food often triggers us into eating more than we should. On top of that, it’s not very nutrient-dense and is a big reason why most people on a “Western Diet” are overweight. We’re not getting nutrients so we aren’t full and end up eating more junk just to feel satisfied.


Although looking good and losing weight is fun, feeling healthier and having more energy is much more important.


3. Your Loved Ones Are Watching You and Could Follow Your Example


When you change what you eat and get healthy, other people notice. They see you eating different foods than you used to and notice that you are taking more walks or spending more time at the gym.How to start eating healthy


Your children, spouse, and co-workers will be more likely to grab a healthy snack just because they see you doing it. Think of the impact this could have on your family and the people you come in contact with.


Not only will you be healthy and possibly live longer, but you will be influencing them to make healthier choices now and possibly for years to come.


Hopefully, that will give you some good motivation to get started with clean eating. Give it a try and start seeing the benefits. Watch the impact you have on others. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good the food tastes and how much better you will feel.

Did you enjoy these 8 clean eating weight loss tips? Do you have any other tips to share with me? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you implement clean eating for weight loss in your life.


How to Implement the 8 Clean Eating Weight Loss Tips

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