How to Exercise at Home For Weight Loss – Best Tips for Busy Moms

Exercise at Home For Weight Loss Even If You’re Busy


We all know exercise is good for us, but is it possible to exercise at home with success? I think yes! Here are my best tips to find a good workout routine even if you are a really busy mom.


  • Know your motivation. Why do you want to work out regularly?
    Is it because you:

    • REALLY want to get in shape.
    • REALLY want to lose weight
    • Want to overcome a health concern
    • Want to try it out and see if you can fit it into your day
    • Heard that it’s important and know you should do it.
    • You’re being guilted into it by your spouse or friend.


How to exercise at homeIf you want to exercise at home because of some of the last few reasons, chance are, you won’t be successful. 


You have to have a really good motivation or end goal in mind to help keep you motivated when things get tough.


  • Pick a target time when you will work out most days. Here are some suggestions if you’re a busy mom:
    • Early in the morning before everyone else is up (not my first choice!).
    • During your kids nap time.
    • During your kids TV time.
    • Have your kids work out with you at a specific time.
    • Take a walk with your kids. Pushing a stroller with your kids in it is an even better workout for you. Plus it keeps your kids in one spot and lets you focus on getting out and getting back home quickly.


  • Decide what plan you will use. Will you use a YouTube video for your workouts, make up your own, or use a DVD that you own?


Exercise with YouTube!

YouTube has been my absolute favorite workout buddy! You can take it just about anywhere and Exercise at Homethere is always someone ready to workout with you when you’re ready.


The 2 best YouTube channels I have found to help me exercise at home are these:


Fitness Blender – This husband-wife team, Daniel and Kelli have put together hundreds of videos on YouTube. My absolute favorite part of their videos is that they show you what is coming next and the clock counts down for every exercise. They also keep a gauge on the side of each video showing you how far into the exercise routine you are and how close you are to the end.


They provide a huge selection of full-length videos that require no equipment. You can certainly add weights if you choose to increase the intensity of the workouts.


They have fat-burning, kick boxing, strength, stretching and more. I love their simple approach and they always have me sweating by the end. That’s what you want in the end, right?


It’s great to have a simple workout that’s not too hard for me being over 50. So many videos either have complicated dance moves or they have really hard exercises that I can’t do. Not so with Fitness Blender!


Jessica Smith TV – This is another YouTube channel that I have enjoyed over the years. She provides lots of variety and mostly simple exercises. I didn’t sweat much with her videos so you’d want to either increase the intensity or just enjoy moving around.

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Make Your Own Workout Routine


If you’re the type of person that likes only certain exercises or creating your own exercise routine, workout routines for womenthen you can certainly do that.


I suggest making up cards with each of the exercises you like to do. Then you can change them up and do them in any order. Also, you can mark how many repetitions you do each exercise on the cards. Then you can increase them each week if you like.


Ideas for Exercises on Your Own:


  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • Running in place
  • Planks
  • High knees
  • Burpees
  • Sit ups
  • Step up on a box or step
  • And many more…


Do You Need a Trainer?


Having a personal trainer can be beneficial, but they’re not for everyone. A lot of people start to resent having to check in with a trainer and having to stick with a routine all of the time. LifeExercise routine happens and you can’t always rush off to the gym to meet up with your trainer.


You could probably still exercise at home for weight loss and have a personal trainer too. You would just have to check in with them either on Skype or in person periodically.


Trainers are good motivators, but when you think about it, why spend the money when you get just as much motivation from your spouse, friends or even your children?  They’re actually the best motivators you can find because they don’t charge you anything for their services except maybe a smile or a hug.


You can get along just fine doing your own exercise routine at home. It can be done whenever you have the spare time and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.


Advantages of Exercising at Home


Listen to your own music or watch your own shows – You can watch your favorite shows while you exercise or read a book. You can exercise in short periods of time throughout the day instead of having to stick with a 45-minute regimen.


Can make exercise part of your normal day – You can work in your own routine by mixing it with your regular everyday activities. You can walk to work instead of drive, walk to the local store for those couple of items you need, or ride a bike to the post office.


Greater flexibility – You have more flexibility of mixing up your exercise program. If you do the same exercises all of the time, you’ll lose interest fast. By mixing them up and changing the routine frequently, you’ll start to look forward to exercising every day.Best home gym equipment


No waiting at the gym – There won’t be any standing in line to use the equipment at the gym, no putting up with the crowds and the noise – and embarrassment for some of working out in front of others.


Less stress – Exercising at home is less stressful because you can exercise whenever you want and use whatever equipment you want.  If setting up a routine with a gym or an exercise trainer is what you need, that’s fine – but most people need something more flexible to their time.


Fit in with your schedule – Exercising at home enables you to get the exercise you need when your schedule allows. You’re more likely to stick with this kind of routine than one that’s stricter on you.  Drop the gyms and trainers and exercise in your own home gym to become your own personal trainer in your world of fitness.


Is Exercising at Home Dangerous?


Well, anything can be dangerous. Walking across the room or getting in a car can be dangerous too.


You can exercise at home and still stay safe while doing it.  It could be dangerous since you don’t have a trainer watching you and helping to prevent injuries, but if you follow a few simple rules, you can enjoy a nice, safe exercise program in your own home.


Make sure you stretch! The most important thing to always make sure you do before beginning Stretching Routineyour exercise program is to properly stretch your muscles. Without stretching, you can cause muscles to pull and tear, so stretch them out before beginning to exercise to warm them up.


Start short at first. If you’re just beginning to exercise, you should start with a short exercise routine. You don’t want to overdo it and exercise too much. This can cause injuries since your muscles wouldn’t be used to it yet. Once you’ve been at it for a little while, you can slowly start to increase your exercise time.


Don’t jump into a program going full force until you know what you’re doing.  Take it easy and go slowly at first. Get your body used to doing these exercises before speeding up and going full throttle.


Slowly increase your speed and never do more than you can physically do. Know your limits and stick with them. If you use exercise equipment, make sure it’s in good shape and know how to use it properly.


How to Stay Safe When Exercising at Home


Make sure you have good equipment! If you don’t know how to use the equipment that you’re planning to use or have faulty equipment, you run a huge risk of getting hurt.


Faulty equipment can break while you’re using it and major injuries can occur. If you use the equipment incorrectly from how it should be used, you run the risk of getting hurt as well.


If you lift weights for your exercise routine, never ever bench press alone. The bar can get too Workout Benchheavy for you to lift up and can come down on your chest and neck area, cutting off air circulation. This is extremely dangerous and can be fatal, so get someone to come and spot you when performing bench presses.


Stop if you feel pain. If at any time you start to feel pain during your exercise program, you should stop immediately and take care of the pain. See a doctor if necessary.

Don’t continue with Strength trainingyour exercises when you’re in pain because it may only make things worse. Stop right away and take care of the injured part of your body.


Wear comfortable shoes if you’re going to walk or run. A cheap pair will make your feet hurt. They can also cause you to injure some muscles as well, so make sure they’re good quality shoes that are comfortable.


You can exercise at home and still stay safe. Follow these steps and decrease your chances of hurting yourself during your exercise routine. If you take it easy and don’t overdo what your body is capable of doing, then you can exercise freely without any risk of injury.


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Exercise Equipment You Can Use At Home


Getting good exercise equipment has an upfront cost, but will save you money in the long run over a yearly gym membership.


The most important thing to remember when choosing your workout equipment is to buy something you know you will use.


That sounds elementary, but it’s so true!


What is your favorite way to exercise?Best Treadmills


  • Walking or running – look into a good treadmill or mini trampoline
  • Weights
  • No equipment
  • Rowing
  • Another piece of equipment you enjoy using at the gym…


If you hate weights, then don’t buy a home gym. If you hate walking in the same place all the time, then don’t get a treadmill!


Think about what you like to do and then focus on that!


Mini trampoline – This is my favorite (besides watching YouTube videos).Exercise Trampoline


They can be fun, easy to do, and can be used almost anywhere in the house. You can use them in your bedroom or you can move it to the living room. It folds up easily and can be stored in most closets or under the bed.


Hand weights are another option. These are relatively cheap and help tone up muscles in your body.  Hand weights come in many different sizes, so there’s something for beginners as well as those more advanced. They’re also easily stored away in your closet when not in use.Full body workout


Be sure to check garage sales and thrift stores for these. There are ALWAYS pieces of exercise equipment at these places!


Stationary bikes are one of the most common at-home exercise options out there. Most people invest in a stationary bike for their exercise routine because it’s one of the Exercise bikeeasiest things to do to stay in shape, and you can ride while watching television or listening to the radio. Because it’s not complicated to use, it gives you the satisfaction in knowing that you accomplished your exercise routine for the day.


You can also move your exercise bike or mini trampoline next to the television set, so you can ride while watching your favorite show or movie. The television keeps your attention on what’s going on in the screen – and off of the exercising routine, so you can get 30 minutes of riding in before you even know it. Some people also read their favorite book while they ride their exercise bike.


More Options for Exercise Equipment


If you do aerobics for your exercise routine, you should consider using a stepping block in yourAerobic Step Platform aerobic program. The step increases your calorie burning and helps tone up your legs and buttocks. The steps can be adjusted to the height you need for your personal fitness program and they’re easily stored away in a closet.


Another option to use for your exercise program may just be a blast from your past. The jump rope is starting to become popular again as exercise equipment. It’s easy to do and they provide an excellent way to burn calories.


Plus, they now have jump ropes without the rope!  An electronic device counts the repetitions forJump rope for exercise you.  It can make your exercise program something to look forward to and it can provide you with some fond memories of your childhood.


There are also more expensive exercise equipment options to choose from. The more popular ones include the treadmill, the rowing machine, stair climber and skiing machines. These are much bigger and aren’t moved around very easily.


You could also choose an exercise ball to add to your program. These work well to stretch out your muscles and they make exercising more interesting for you. There are many different sizes to choose from and they’re also inexpensive and easy to store.


Making Exercise at Home Fun


Exercising is very healthy for our bodies, but sometimes getting motivated enough to do it can be tough. More people are abandoning their exercise bikes and at-home workout tapes because they’ve started to consider these routine programs more of a chore than a benefit.


There are many exercises you can do to get the same results and have fun in the process. Try playing an active game with your kids like tag or have some running races. The time running around and having fun is actually burning calories and getting your heart pumping, so you can exercise, have some fun and spend time with your kids all at once.


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If you have a swimming pool, try burning calories by splashing around and doing laps in the pool. ItSwimming workout would be an excellent way to get some exercise in while doing something you love. Swimming also burns calories while building up your muscles. The water acts as a weight so you get more benefit from your exercise routine.


Add music to your exercise routine. Sometimes you can get motivated to exercise with just a little music to play while you move around.  It makes exercising more interesting to you and gives you a little boost of energy to keep going.


Invite a friend or family member over to exercise with you. Sometimes having someone with you to joke around with helps you get through the exercise routine faster. A 30-minute exercise regimen can seem like it only took 10 minutes when you have someone to exercise with. They can inspire you while you inspire them.


Rewarding Yourself for Exercising


Rewarding yourself is another good option. If you exercise daily for a set amount of time, then celebrate your accomplishment and give yourself a treat. Go shopping for a shirt you’ve wanted or treat yourself to a day of beauty.


Keep a personal journal and mark on it each day when you’ve completed your exercise program. Printable fitness journalWhen you reach a certain number of marks, you can give yourself the reward of whatever you want.  

Here is a free printable fitness journal you can click and download right now!


Exercising can be fun if you come up with ways to make it more interesting – and the more interesting it is, the more likely you’ll be to keep it up for the long-term.


You can start an exercise routine in your own home without traveling to a gym to get your exercise in for the day. Stock up on exercise equipment for your home and add some fun to your program and you have a perfect recipe for fitness success!


What is your favorite way to exercise? What time of day works best for you? Have you found any other tips not covered here that have helped you be able to exercise at home as a busy mom?


Exercise at Home For Weight Loss Even If You’re Busy

exercise at home for weight loss

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts here Heidi! It is so hard to find the time when you’re a mom! But its’s so important! I love working out at home to my favorite tv shows! That way, even if I don’t really feel like exercising, at least I’m enjoying a show while I do it! And its been crazy to see how much my kids actually WANT to join in and think that its fun!

    1. I’m glad that you have found an exercise routine at home that works for you. And you’re setting a good example for your kids. Plus you’re all having fun! That’s a win!

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