Time Management System to Manage Life 10 Times Better!

Developing good time management habits is key to living a productive life. Some people make lists, others use planners, and some don’t plan anything. After reading many books on this subject, here are my best tips.

time management


What is Time Management?

Time can’t really be managed because it keeps going whether we are ready for it or not. The way people organize their day and plan how long they do activities can help them be more productive in the end.

Setting goals, making priorities and revisiting how things are going are important aspects of setting good time habits. Making lists works for most people. I prefer to have a master list of projects and circle or highlight only those items I plan to get done that day.

Assigning times during the day to certain tasks works for some. Sometimes when I feel like I have too much to do, I write next to the item on my to do list the number of minutes that item will take to accomplish. Many times the items on my list take 5-10 minutes and I just get those done fast. Or I tackle the longer jobs and do the short jobs at the end. Do whatever works best for you.

Time Management Skills

Here is one of the best time management tools that I have come up with. It keeps my brain free from all the stuff I should do and helps me focus on that day only!

time management

Mail/Paper Habits – Are the paper piles in your house out of control? Change how you handle paper! Read books or ask friends how they manage their paper piles and don’t let that paper overtake your house! I open all mail at once and make a recycling pile and an action pile right away. The recycled paper gets put away and then I take action on the other papers. It really only takes a few minutes, so don’t stress about this part. Just do it and don’t think too hard about the process.

This post could go on for days covering every area of our lives where we can develop healthy habits. The point is to pick one or two areas that need help with habits and do them well. There is no reason to stay stuck in life! If you are stuck, there is always a way to get unstuck. It might take some reading or talking, but it will always be worth the effort.

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