Summer Activities to Do Before It’s Over!

Here are some summer activities you can do with your family because sometimes Summer comes and goes before we even have a chance to enjoy it. This year make it a Summer to remember. Here are a few activities to help you enjoy it to the fullest.

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Our Favorite Summer Activities:

  • Have a campfire – If you don’t have a fire pit yourself, find a friend who has one and ask to join them for an evening around the fire. Bring smores supplies and have a blast talking and eating together.
  • Go swimming – If you haven’t been swimming yet this year, shame on you! Summer is for swimming so take an afternoon or evening and find a pool and swim like you did as a kid. Life is too short to not swim at least once every summer. We enjoyed this summer fun activity many times over the years.
  • Pick wildflowers – My daughter is having all wildflowers at her wedding and as we are preparing, I’m amazed at all the different varieties I have never noticed before. Get out there and smell the flowers!
  • Pick some fruit – Everyone has some type of fruit that is readily available in their area. Go out and pick some right from the field or tree! Some ideas include peaches, blueberries, raspberries, melons, blackberries, and more. Look around and take your children for a drive to find real fruit they can pick from somewhere besides the grocery store.
  • Fill up some water balloons and throw them! Water balloons are fun and cheap. Buy a pack at the dollar store and fill them up and have some friends over for a water balloon fight (or toss).
  • Make your own products – Since children aren’t in school, Summer is a perfect time to do hands on activities like making their own products. Look up how chemicals affect our bodies and make some homemade products to protect your family AND save money!

More Summer Activities

  • Take pictures – Outdoor pictures are the best and the lighting in the summer is great. Take pictures of your family, friends and landscape. Sunsets are great to photograph. Get outside, point your camera, and click away.
  • Walk around outside at night with flashlights – You’ll be amazed at what you see at night that you don’t notice during the day. Pay attention to the plants, animals and little things you see as you shine your light on a small area.
  • Go to the zoo – Zoos have lots of great activities throughout the Summer. Although animals are not as active in the heat, going in the morning will probably remedy that. Maybe stop by a water park after lunch if you get too hot walking around the zoo.
  • Watch Fireworks! – Once kids are a little older, most of the time they really enjoy watching fireworks. I LOVE fireworks so this is a fun way for me to share some fun with my children.
  • Grow Some Things – Take advantage of the growing season and either get some pots and dirt or plant something in your yard. Whether you have a garden or just a pot, you can get some seeds or plants and enjoy watching them grow. Just check the pot every other day and water if needed. Not sure about gardening? Check out my How to Grow a Garden When You have NO Clue! post.

Whatever summer activities you decide to do, I hope these ideas have spurred your thoughts and memories on how you can still have a great Summer before it’s over.

What are your favorite fun activities to do in the Summer? Does your family have any summer traditions that you do every year?

Summer Idea

Have each family member make a list of 3 things they want to do this Summer. Then do them! You might be surprised the number of inexpensive activities they come up with!

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