1. Jane Anderson

    Hello Heidi, I love gardening but I have no idea, how to start and from where I have to start with. Thanks for sharing the top tips that will actual help me to start my garden work.

  2. Hello Heidi, great gardening advice, i like using raised bed as i have a problem with rabbits eating my pea plants for their dinner! The raised bed with some netting wire helps to gives them a fighting chance.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Great idea! Sometimes it’s hard to garden because the animals like to eat our crops too. That’s when we have to outsmart them and protect our hard work. The rabbits liked to eat our young plants but once they grew they left them alone. So we took 12″ pieces of 4″ corrugated plastic pipe and placed them over our young plants. This kept the plants protected until they could grow bigger. Now we just leave this pipe on because it gives the plants more stability and keeps them better hydrated if we don’t get much rain.

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