8 of the Best Gifts For Healthy Moms

Gifts for Healthy Moms that They Won’t Return

Do you think it’s hard to find good gifts for healthy moms that they won’t return right away? Well, look no further because I’m a healthy mom and I’m going to clue you in on what we really want.

Gifts for Healthy Moms

Healthy moms are all about removing toxins and chemicals, but we also love to destress and find ways to relax and make our lives easier. Whether you have a healthy mom already or a mom who wants to be healthy, these gift ideas will help you.This article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Best Gifts for Healthy Moms

Himalayan Salt Lamp – These have been popular the last several years not only because they look unique but because they are so good for you. They make whole rooms filled with this salt that you can sit in. So why not have a lamp at home?

pink himalayan salt lamp healthy mom gift

Benefits of Salt Lamps:

  • Increase energy and reduce stress
  • Help rejuvenate the body and mind because of the release of negative salt ions
  • Improve the air in the room
  • Have a soothing glow
  • Helps purify the air
  • Can help you breathe better
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Can improve sleep
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Can boost your mood

Be sure to read the reviews when purchasing a salt lamp. There are lots of fakes out there so be sure to get the real thing.

 Who doesn’t want less stress, more energy, and better sleep? Get your mom one of these today!

Rebounder – This is also known as a mini-trampoline. We’ve had one in our house for many years. It is probably my favorite form of exercise because it’s easy and fun. They say that just 15 minutes of jumping on a rebounder a day can produce great benefits.

Benefits of Rebounding:

  • Can boost lymph and immune systems
  • Supports the skeletal system and can increase bone mass
  • Much less stress on ankles and knees as compared to running
  • Helps improve balance
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Helps circulate oxygen
essential oil roller bottles as a gift

Essential Oil Roller Bottles – Most healthy moms have essential oils, but if yours doesn’t, be sure to find out more about essential oils and get some for her.

Although you can apply and inhale essential oils right from the bottle, some healthy moms like to mix up their own concoctions for various issues and ailments. That makes this one of the great gifts for healthy moms.

These roller ball bottles help store the recipes they make up themselves. Plus they provide an easy application.

organic clothing as a gift for a healthy mom

Organic Clothing – What mom doesn’t like new clothing? And if you can get her organic clothing, she will feel even better about it. She will be so impressed that you thought to go the extra mile to find clothing that is organic.

Why buy organic clothing?

  • Organic cotton is not sprayed with any pesticides or herbicides.
  • They work towards replenishing and maintaining soil fertility.
  • Organic cotton crops use much less water.
  • Pesticides are not good for anyone. The person wearing the clothes, the workers in the fields, and the wildlife around the field and streams are all affected.
  • Non-organic clothing can often cause skin irritations and even headaches. So organic is a much better choice.
Juicer gift for mom

– A fruit and vegetable juicer makes the list of gifts for healthy moms because it covers several areas of life. If your mom is trying to lose weight or just be healthy, she will enjoy this gift. This way if your mom is trying to lose weight, this is a nice way to help her.

It’s better than buying her a diet product because then she will feel bad that you are hinting that she needs to lose weight.

The best way to get motivated to use a juicer is to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and get the books that go along with the movies. They will give you lots of recipes and case studies to help your mom be successful with her juicer.

Essential Oil Cases Make Great Gifts for Healthy Moms

Essential oil case gift for mom

If she doesn’t have essential oils yet, please don’t buy oils from a store or online other than from Young Living. They are the purest oils and the only company that owns their own farms and has control of the whole process from the time the seed goes in the ground until the oil from the plant is distilled and put in the bottle.

Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is mostly unregulated. Then companies put a tiny bit of oil in a bottle and label it 100% pure because the labeling laws allow them to do this. So there are many bottles of oil out there that have harmful chemicals in them that could actually negatively affect your mom’s health.

I have visited Young Living’s farms and know what great care they take to not use any pesticides or herbicides and weed by hand. They provide the purest essential oils out there and should be your only choice when buying oils for your mom.

Jesus Calling book as a gift

Great Mom Books

There are so many good books out there for moms that make my list for gifts for healthy moms. Healthy moms also need to be emotionally and mentally healthy and books can help greatly in this area.

Here are a few of my favorite mom books:

Jesus Calling – 10th Anniversary Expanded Edition: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

This is by FAR the BEST devotional book I have ever read! I use it year after year after year. It really speaks to me as if Jesus was talking directly to me. Hopefully, this will help your mom grow in her faith too and she will appreciate you even more for giving her this book.

Becoming Myself book as a gift for mom

Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldridge – This is a very intimate book sharing the author’s struggle with self-image, weight issues and more. It’s real and encouraging that God can help change the way we feel and build our faith and grow us.

Essential Oils Desk Reference 7th Edition Spiral-bound

Healthy living for moms

– If your mom has essential oils from Young Living, then she HAS to have this book if she wants to know how to use her oils in the best ways.

Essential Oils Pocket Reference 7th Edition Spiral-bound

Health book for mom gift

If you don’t want to buy a huge book like the one above, this handy reference book is great. The first half of the book is organized by essential oil and essential oil blends. This way your mom knows what each oil does and how to use it. The second half of the book lists ailments in alphabetical orders. That way your mom can look up things that are going on healthwise in your family and know what oils to use.

Book for healthy mom

Fearless: Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 Hours – If your mom has some essential oils and has absolutely no clue how to use them or is afraid to use them, then this book will be a lifesaver. After reading this very short book, your mom will be empowered to use her oils in the most effective ways. And she will love you for helping her! 

More Great Mom Books:

Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms 

Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That’s in You for Your Family and Your Faith

Parenting Scripts: When What You’re Saying Isn’t Working, Say Something New

Health and fitness gift ideas

Fitness Tracker – Your mom might already have one of these but I thought I would include it in this list of gifts for healthy moms because I don’t have one yet.

These things have come a long way in the last few years. They do so many things.

Not only do they help you count your steps and keep track of your heart rate, but they also monitor your sleep, help track your calorie consumption, record the duration of your exercise, monitor the distance you walked or ran, and wake you up in the morning!

Your mom might need some help setting this up, but once she knows how to use it, she probably won’t want to live without it.

That completes the list of 8 best gifts for healthy moms, but here are a few more that your mom might like too:

Young Living oils kit

Essential Oils Kit – I know I mentioned oils above, but if your mom doesn’t have a diffuser and a good kit of essential oils, then she is probably lost about how to use oils. Young Living oils are the purest oils. This is your mom we’re talking about here! Do you want to take a chance and get oils that might (or probably) contain chemicals that could harm her skin and health?

This kit gives your mom everything she needs to get started with essential oils. It’s also the only thing in the Young Living catalog that is half off. It’s a $160 investment for almost $400 worth in products. Who knows, your mom might even be able to help you with different issues that come up with the oils in this kit. Get your mom started with this kit and a reference book or two and she will love you even more. Then she can connect with me on Facebook and get even more info on how to use her essential oils successfully.

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Moms

If your mom likes to eat, then make sure to add these healthy snacks to your list of gifts for healthy moms. These will make her so happy.

Healthy snacks

Lara Bars and Lara Bites are yummy tasting snacks that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Some flavors are also vegan and soy-free. The best part is that they still taste great!

Healthy gifts

They have lots of flavors so just pick the kind you think she will like and you’ll be her favorite child. Just kidding! Here are a few of the flavor options: Chocolate Chip Brownie, Coconut Cream Pie, Gingerbread, Key Lime Pie, Lemon, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (my favorite!), Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice, Snickerdoodle, and more!

Most of their bars are made with just 6 ingredients, but somehow they have figured out how to make them still taste great!

Kind Bars are pretty good too but I don’t like nuts and they have big pieces of nuts in their bars. If your mom loves nuts and eating healthy, then she will love these.

Luxury Bath Items for Moms

Relaxing gifts for mom

Does your mom like taking baths? She might enjoy this fun portable bath massager. You just drop the mat into the tub and instantly have a jacuzzi bath spa. It has a motorized pump and even a built-in heater.

The bath mat just lays on your tub floor and is suctioned to the tub for easy use. The surface is a cushion so she can even lay on the mat to take full advantage of the jacuzzi experience. There is also a remote control device so she can control the whole experience without worrying about getting shocked.

Or she might like a jet tub experience like this handy Dual Jet Bath Spa that hangs over the side of the tub instead.

spa bath pillow

You might as well get her this gorilla grip spa pillow if she will be spending more time in the bathtub. This is a big comfortable pillow that holds to the tub for great head and neck support.

Cooking Tools and Easy Cleaning Tools

Most moms don’t like to get cooking tools or appliances as gifts, but if it makes their life easier, some moms will enjoy one of these gifts. Here are some ideas of cooking and cleaning items that might make your mom’s life easier.

Related: 14 of the Best Cooking Tools that Make Eating Healthy Easy

Healthy gift ideas

E-Cloth – These cleaning cloths are amazing and very reasonably priced. They have a cloth for every type of surface your mom will need to clean. And they will make cleaning those surfaces SO much easier!

These cloths will remove grease, grime, dirt and bacteria and polishes hard surfaces. These are the different cloths available:

  • Window cleaning
  • Stovetop cleaning
  • Dusting Mitt and cloths
  • Damp mop
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning and more

Your mom might have seen the more expensive version of these cloths available at home parties, but the e-cloths work just as well for a fraction of the cost. If these cloths can help her clean faster and better, then she will think of you each time she uses them and smile.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

This is a favorite among many cooks and bakers. They have attachments that you can add to this that will help save space having lots of appliances sitting around.

Instant pot gift

The Instant Pot is all the rage these days. People are raving about how quickly they can get frozen food cooked up and ready to serve in WAY less than it has ever taken before. This might be one of the best gifts for healthy moms because she can save time and make a healthy meal at the same time.

best christmas gifts for mom

Pyrex Storage Containers – These containers let you and your mom be able to see what kind of food you have stored in the refrigerator. This will help your mom see the healthy ingredients she has in the refrigerator so they can be eaten instead of going rotten.

Cutco Knives are the best knives I have ever used in my over 30 years of cooking healthy meals. They are a bit more pricey than other knives but they last forever and stay sharper longer.

If you’re really thinking your mom wants kitchen tools and cookbooks, check out the recommendations in my store.

healthy gift

I hope these gifts for healthy moms have been helpful to you. Hopfully now you know the perfect gift for mom and what to get your mom for Christmas. Or maybe you’re here for unique gifts for mom for Mother’s Day or her birthday.

Do you have any other healthy gift ideas that you have gotten for your mom? Please share those here so we can add your ideas to our list.

Want to print this list off? Here is a printable list for you! Just click on the image and the gift guide will start to download for you.

Healthy mom gift guide
healthy living checklist

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