How to Know What to Plant with What for the Best Garden Yield

My husband and I have planted a garden for many years. We have learned from others how and what to plant, so I thought I would share what we have learned so we can help you. If you garden enough, you learn what works and what doesn’t and try to implement more of what works each passing year.plant the right things together

A fun book that we were introduced to years ago is called Carrots Love Tomatoes. We had never heard of this concept before and were intrigued. After reading and implementing this book over the years, here is what we have learned.

What to Plant with What Using Companion Planting Principles

Apparently, some plants grow better when they are planted with other plants. Who doesn’t want a better garden yield? Plants have to be planted anyways. Why not plant plants in the way they grow best? Keep reading to know what to plant with what for the best results.

Some plants don’t do well when planted with other plants, so why not avoid that. Plant companion plants together. Then weed and water your garden and see a great yield this year.

Basic Plants to Plant Together

Carrots and tomatoes – Obviously, if they wrote a book called Carrots Love Tomatoes, then carrots grow better when planted by tomatoes. Carrots also grow well with leaf lettuce, chives and onions.

Beets with bush beans and onions work well together

Broccoli grows well with dill, celery, peppermint, potatoes, beets, and onions.

Cucumbers do well with beans, peas, radishes, sunflowers and like some shade

Lettuce grows well with strawberries, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes.

Tomatoes like to be planted in the same place each year, mulch, and being watered from below. They also like to be planted near basil.

Corn likes potatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, pumpkin and squash.

I’ve also heard that bush beans like to have nasturtium flowers planted in them for a greater yield.

More Garden Tips and Tricks We Use:

I always plant radish seeds by cucumbers and zucchini. It seems to help keep the bugs away.

We plant a sunflower seed in between each set of cucumber plants to give them the shade they like.

For years we have planted a marigold at the end of each row of our garden on each end. Not only does this look very pretty by the end of the season, but we think it also helps keep bugs and animals away from our plants.

Make the Most of Your Garden Yield

Each garden season is different and some crops do better one year and then worse another year. We just take the extra yield one year and make the most of it. Then when another years’ crop doesn’t do as well, we just take what we can get.

There is no perfect garden, but when you what to plant with what, it helps you have a more successful garden. Then keep working on doing as many things right as possible. Your garden will produce if you keep doing the principles mentioned here. Keep learning!

My husband also prays over our garden every year which helps too.

If you want more detailed information about what to plant using companion planting for successful gardening, get Carrots Love Tomatoes! They have lots of details about vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, shrubs and more. They also have sample garden plans if you’re confused about what to plant together.

Not sure about how to start a garden? You might enjoy my post How to Start a Garden when you have NO Clue!

how to know if your garden is planted right

What to plant with what for best garden yield

What to plant

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