Is Fairness an Important Concept to Teach Children?

Fairness is a complicated word. Some people think it means equality for everyone. Without it our world would be in chaos. But what happens when we are not treated as fairly as we would like?


Teaching Fairness to Children

Should we teach our children that fairness means everyone is treated equally and no one is left out? What happens if they are left out in a game or an important aspect of their life? Fairness is the ideal, but what should we really be teaching our children? We need to spend more time teaching about what to do with disappointment when children don’t feel they are being treated fairly.

Aspects of fairness

  • follow the rules in games and sports
  • everyone is treated equally
  • no one is left out
  • be respectful of each other
  • work together
  • keep track of own belongings
  • obey rules of the community
  • making rules encouraging responsibility
  • help others and take care of others
  • stand up for change when needed

People don’t feel that they are treated fairly or that the rules are not fair to everyone. What do we teach children in these situations?

In the case of moral injustice, I believe it is important to teach children to stand up for what is right. So if they see someone being bullied or looked down upon or made to play by different rules, then words need to be spoken and action needs to be taken. Just as many of our forefathers stood up for unfair practices, we still need to stand up for unfair practices today.

What Do We Need to Teach?

Will everything in life be fair? NO! Children that are looking for everything to be fair will be very disappointed and often angry in life. Is it fair that one child is in a hospital and another is allowed to run around and lead a normal life? Teach your children that life and people will often not treat them fairly but that they can still lead a very happy life.

How do you lead a happy life with unfairness in the world? I believe it is with gratitude and appreciation. Train your children to look for things to appreciate in life. Their outlook will help them see their life in a better light. When they have a balanced outlook on life and see injustice, they will have the self-esteem needed to speak up and encourage a positive change.

How are you teaching your children to deal with unfairness in life?

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