How to Get Motivated to Exercise

Although everyone would like a trim healthy body, we know that it takes some work to get that. Some are willing to make the sacrifice and others either don’t have the energy or motivation to take the time to exercise.


The concept of exercise is not difficult. It is actually rather simple but not easy. You just choose what you want to do and then move your body for 20-60 minutes and you’re done. So what keeps us from making the choice to work out? Often it is mental blocks, time or just lack of energy.exercise

Ways to Overcome Lack of Motivation to Exercise

  1. Set up Rewards – If you really want to get in better shape or you need to exercise for better health, then set up a reward system for yourself. At first you might need to reward yourself for every session. Some ideas for this would include allowing yourself to take a nap, posting your workout completion on social media, sitting and reading a chapter of a book, or watching a certain movie you have been wanting to watch. As you start to see progress, you can reward yourself less often or give yourself stickers each day to work towards buying something bigger later on.
  2. Track – It’s so important to take pictures and measure yourself when you start and then again every couple of weeks. We are our worst critics and don’t think we are making any progress. When you see results, you want to keep going. Share your photos with a trusted friend so they can help you see that you ARE making progress.
  3. Have Fun – Do what you enjoy! Some people like walking outside while others prefer a treadmill or mini trampoline. Some people like working out with a video at home while others need friends at a gym or class to work out. Do you like to dance, walk, use the wii or some other device? Experiment with different options until you find a couple that you like. Then switch things up and do only the workouts that you like or that bring results.

I hope these ideas have been helpful. Exercising is a simple task but it’s not easy to get up and do it some days. If you remove as many road blocks as possible, you will see yourself having greater rewards and wanting to work out more.

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