Top Reasons Why Chemical Free Makeup is Valuable for your Teenager

Most teen girls love makeup because it helps them feel better about how they look. Should you make sure your daughter has chemical free makeup? Absolutely!

Chemical free makeup

Why is Chemical Free Makeup Important?

In the United States, although food products now all have labels, beauty and cleaning products require no labels at all. As a result, any type of chemical, fragrance, or toxin can be put into personal care products without telling the consumer.

Unregulated products include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Hair products
  • Soaps
  • Sunscreens
  • Fragrances
  • Body Sprays, etc.

These products continue to go completely unregulated. Therefore, it’s so important for consumers to be aware of what is in their products!

Cosmetics and cheap makeup might make you look good but often contain hormone and endocrine disrupters. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything messing with my daughters’ hormones!

People think that a little bit of chemicals in a product won’t hurt them. But if you add a little bit of chemicals to 20 different products that you use every day, the toxic load really adds up.

Furthermore, they say that the average woman applies over 300 chemicals a day to her body just through soaps, makeup, shampoo and hair products. Eighty of these products are applied before breakfast!

Chemical free cosmetics needed for teenage girls

This article talks about how this family removed chemicals from teen personal care products and, within days, their daughter’s hormone levels came down.

“We know enough to be concerned about teen girls’ exposure to these chemicals. Sometimes it’s worth taking a precautionary approach, especially if there are easy changes people can make in the products they buy,” Harley said.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It is wise to avoid chemicals in personal care products even if you don’t think they are harmful.” quote=”It is wise to avoid chemicals in personal care products even if you don’t think they are harmful.”]

What will it hurt to avoid chemicals in makeup? Your child’s present and future health can be improved by easily avoiding these toxic substances.

There is plenty of great chemical free makeup available for teenagers that doesn’t contain hormone-disrupting chemicals and is still affordable. Keep reading about what to avoid and I’ll share healthy alternatives at the end. Here is a list of chemicals widely used in personal care products.

Hormone-disrupting chemicals to avoid:

  • phthalates
  • parabens
  • triclosan
  • oxybenzone

Read your labels! Each of these have been known to interfere with hormone systems in animals.

Beauty products are not regulated, and yet it’s a proven fact that it only takes 26 seconds for anything applied to your skin to enter your bloodstream.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Beauty products are not regulated, and yet it’s a proven fact that it only takes 26 seconds for anything applied to your skin to enter your bloodstream.'” quote=”‘Beauty products are not regulated, and yet it’s a proven fact that it only takes 26 seconds for anything applied to your skin to enter your bloodstream.'”]

So how do you get chemical free makeup without going broke? There is a makeup brand that provides the best makeup with great coverage and it’s all natural makeup. You can purchase it at wholesale and learn from me how to use it frugally.


Here’s the Best Natural Makeup to use instead:

Young Living Essential Oils has a new makeup collection called Savvy Minerals. Any of the products in this collection are safe for women of all ages. Products can be purchased individually at the retail cost, or as a kit with a Young Living membership. Then you can order any Young Living products at wholesale for a year or more.

Here is a good kit suggestion to help you get started.

Makeup starter kit

There are 6 different kit color combinations so you can choose the color set that works best for you.

Just enter your information for membership here and then search and choose each item and color makeup that you want. Once you have this membership, you can order anything from Young Living at the wholesale cost. Order $50 per year, and you will have a lifetime of wholesale ordering available to you.

The Premium Starter Kit is actually the best deal because it’s the only thing on the website that is 1/2 off. This way you still get the wholesale membership, a diffuser, samples, and 11 of the most popular essential oils. Then, in the future, you can purchase makeup and personal care products at wholesale as you need them.

Young Living also carries a full line of personal care products including lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, baby care products, and safe, effective cleaning products (Thieves Cleaner).

personal care

Check out my favorite Personal Care Product Recipes if you like making your own.

You Control What Comes Into Your House!

It is SO important to avoid chemicals as much as possible! You are the gatekeeper for your home and nothing harmful should be coming in on your watch!

Young Living products are concentrated and pure. I share lots of tips and ways to be frugal with oils when you get your membership and order oils or chemical free makeup.

You also get reference materials mailed directly to you by me and access to our private facebook group. We share lots of tips and information on how to use oils and chemical free makeup most effectively.

Contact me with any questions and I’ll be glad to help you get started on your chemical free journey. Or get your wholesale makeup kit on your own and place your own order. 

all natural makeup

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  1. Great article especially for teens that are starting doing make up. There are so many makeup brands today that we have more choices than we have ever been. Its really important to look at what your make up is made of and if the company you bought it from are cruel-free and does not do animal testing.

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