How to Get Organized with File Folders

Managing files and organizing seems to be a never ending job. I’ve read almost every organizing book out there so save yourself the trouble and I’ll share how I have organized my life with file folders.

For my files I use file folders and also folders with pockets. The type doesn’t matter, but color can help keep things even more organized if you can find folders in different colors.

organized files

Folders can be stored on a desk, in a filing cabinet or on bookshelves. At our house they get stored on all three. Where they get stored depends on what they are used for. Folders on my desk are for ongoing projects that need to be in front of me or I will forget about them.

Almost anything can be put into a folder. If you’re like me and need to see things to remember them, then have a small space on your desk where you keep the items you have to do this week. The goal is always to get that item into the trash or into a folder for future use as fast as possible. 

Sometimes I think an item needs to sit on my desk in my work space, when actually, it can be stored in a folder where I know I can access it. When deciding what to leave in my work space or store in a folder, I ask myself, “Will I remember I have this?” If it’s something I will remember I have, then I immediately put it in an appropriate folder and get it off my work space. Files on a desk don’t have to be in the main work space. They can be in a holder within reach but not in the way.

Files that go on my desk:

  • Things that need to be in sight and are referred to often
  • Reference books I use often
  • Notebooks with ongoing notes like blog post ideas and stuff like that.
  • Product catalogs I refer to often
  • Projects that I’m working on – youtube information I’ve collected, business ideas I want to share with my team, essential oil recipes, taxes in process and more.
  • Social media ideas for my business
  • Blog post ideas
  • Business building ideas for my team
  • People I need to contact – inactive and new people
  • Homeschool ideas
  • Inspirational quotes that I like to look at occassionally
  • Exercise ideas – these are handy to pull out and look at when I go to exercise and can’t think of what to do.
  • Any other projects that happen to be running at the time

I hope these ideas have been helpful. For more details on this system check out my Organize Your Life post. Watch for more ideas and tips on using file folders in bookshelves and in filing cabinets.

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