How to Get Organized & Achieve Goals with Post-it Notes – Free Printables

Keeping goals and New Year’s resolutions is always a good idea. We all know how hard those resolutions are to keep though! After writing down your goals (yes, writing down goals and resolutions is key!), here is a simple way to help you remember to keep the goals/resolutions you wrote down.


How to Achieve Your Goals:

Post-it notes are a great way to help yourself stick to your goals. Here are some ideas and ways to use them.

The two sizes of Post-it notes that I use the most are the standard 3″x3″ and page marker 1/2″x 1 3/4″ sizes. The larger size work well for the printable I created here and the smaller ones work well for the calendar.

The large notes can be used on a weekly list and can be reused in future weeks. If one of your goals for the year is to organize or de-clutter your house, make a Post-it note that says “Clean out a drawer in the house” or “Organize a closet”. Then place that in one of the slots on this printable for the week. When that task is accomplished, you can move the note to a safe spot to be added to next weeks’ list.


If one of your resolutions is to exercise a certain number of days in a week, you can make a Post-it note saying “Exercise 5 days”. Then when that note is completed for the week, move it to the next week to use again.

If you are a blogger and want to be sure to write a blog post at least once a week, then you can make a note saying “Write blog post”. Then treat it the same way as the previous 2 notes I mentioned.


The smaller Post-it notes (page marker size) are even more handy than the large ones. Here’s how I use them:

  • Reminder to return library books
  • Reminder for monthly tasks
  • Keeping track of monthly subscriptions for business tools like Hootsuite, TweetBuzz, and others. That way if I ever want to cancel them, I know when the next payment is coming up. It’s also a great way to make sure I keep money in my accounts to cover these expenses.
  • Keep track of monthly orders. I order monthly from places like Young Living oils, Dream Tree Alkaline Water and others. My monthly order processes on the same day each month, so this reminds me to go in and adjust my order. Then we get what we want each month before the order gets processed.
  • Reminder to pay bills that aren’t automated. (Yes, there are still some bills that you have to remember to pay!)



These little notes on my calendar keep me from losing track of my month. I don’t forget to return library books or pay bills that are due. I don’t get the same order I ordered last month because I forgot to change a monthly order with a company. And I don’t pay for a service I don’t want anymore because I forgot when I would be charged for it automatically.

You can even use sticky notes for meal planning. Just write all the meals your family likes onto the small or large notes. Then either put them on the calendar on the days you want to fix them or put them on a meal planning sheet. You can even color code them by meat category. All pork dishes could be pink. All beef dishes could be green, etc.

More Ways to Achieve Goals and Get Organized

One more way you can use these sizes of sticky notes is to use this daily/weekly/monthly planner created by and available to print. The smaller notes are used for items that are recurring. Once that item is completed, put in the spot where it will be needed again in the future.


This method spares you from having lists that have items crossed out. It makes everything look so much neater.

In the “this week” column, write non-repeating items. Also, include some items that are done each week or need to be done that week.

Use the “this month” column in the same way. Use both Post-it notes AND non-repeating items written right on the paper.

Keep things looking even cleaner by using all Post-it notes. Then reuse these notes month after month.

Whatever method you decide to use, I encourage you to dive into the world of Post-it notes. They will help you get organized and meet the goals that you wrote down. You DID write them down didn’t you??

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  1. I’ve started using post-it notes this year for weekly goal setting, but I enjoy the triumph of crumpling them up and throwing them away (in the recycle bin). More wasteful, but I can’t remember the last time I saw the end of a post-it pad so I think I’m due.

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