Why We Eat Organic and How Annie’s Homegrown Helps

Our family has been into healthy stuff for a long time and in the last few years have tried to eat more organic foods because of all of the chemicals that are added to our food these days. Annie’s Mac N Cheese has always been a favorite lunch for my kids (a true comfort food) and I’m thrilled that they are now offering certified organic products as you can see on their cute YouTube video! Today’s post is sponsored by Annie’s Homegrown, but my love for their products is all my own!

Why Eat Organic Foods?


They don’t contain the chemicals included in most other foods – As companies have found cheaper ways to produce food, that has increased the amount of chemicals that are used in the growing and production of the food we eat.

We think that our government is keeping track of this but the truth is, there is very little long term study about the effects of these chemicals on our bodies AND there are so many chemicals to keep track of. Who can possibly monitor all of this?

“More than 600 active chemicals are registered for agricultural use in America, to the tune of billions of pounds annually. The average application equates to about 16 pounds of chemical pesticides per person every year. Many of these chemicals were approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before extensive diet testing.

The National Academy of Sciences reports that 90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed “safe.” Further, the FDA tests only 1% of foods for pesticide residue. The most dangerous and toxic pesticides require special testing methods, which are rarely if ever employed by the FDA.” source – Prevention.com

This was when I realized it was up to me to do my research and watch out for my own family.


They contain more nutrients – If you’re already spending money on food, why not spend it on foods that have more nutrients?

The food tastes better – Besides our own tastes, there are plenty of youtubers taste testing organic vs. non-organic foods and almost every time, they find that the organic food tastes better.

They help you avoid GMO (genetically modified) food, hormones and antibiotics because these are not allowed to be in certified organic foods. Since these items do not have to be on food labels, the only way we can ensure NOT getting them is to eat organic.

annies organic

Here is an informative video all about Annie’s and how they don’t just make foods organic but take the foods we LOVE (like mac n cheese and cinnamon rolls) and make them organic.

Check out this adorable Annie’s Homegrown ‘Organic for Everybunny’ video! You can find tons of recipes there as well. 🙂

Get your Annie’s products today after you view their little video and keep checking back to see even more products in the future!


Here is my own video about Annie’s snacks and how we use them at our house:


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