Essential Oils for Energy and Motivation – 7 Oils You’re Probably Not Using

Essential Oils for Energy You Need to Use


As a natural mom, when I lack motivation or want to meet some goals, I don’t reach for an energy drink or medication to help me. I turn to essential oils for energy. They are beneficial for my body and yet incredibly effective.


Essential Oils for Energy

We only get one body, so it’s best to choose things now that will not harm us in the long run.


Forty years of drinking energy drinks or taking drugs will “help” us for the day but not do anything to build long-term health.


That’s why essential oils are always my first choice when something comes up in our family. They are effective and have no negative side effects.


How to Use Essential Oils for Energy and Motivation:

En-R-Gee – Great name for an oil! This oil blend is one of the best essential oils for energy. It is a blend of rosemary, nutmeg, black pepper, juniper, Idaho balsam fir, lemongrass and clove.


This blend has “an uplifting and energizing aroma” according to the description in the Young Living catalog. Many people apply this over their adrenal glands, but go ahead and apply it anywhere you choose and also diffused in an essential oil diffuser.


Motivation – Here’s another great name for an oil that actually helps people be more motivated. One day when I diffused this oil, one of my children that was not applying for jobs like I thought they should, said that this oil smelled so bad and made her want to throw up.


It’s funny because they say when an oil smells bad to you, it’s because you need it. That day, this oil motivated this child to get to work making the calls they knew they needed to make. It is a

Highest Potential essential oil

blend of Roman chamomile, black spruce, ylang ylang, and lavender. This Young Living blend can be applied to the skin or diffused in an essential oil diffuser.


Highest Potential – For those who want to reach their highest potential, this oil blend is a great choice. It has a sweet, uplifting, and inspiring scent. One of my children in Nursing school uses this oil blend all the time when she is studying. She says it and peppermint oil help her the most.


It is a Young Living blend of blue cypress, ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, citrus hystrix, davana, jasmine, German chamomile, rose, grapefruit, tangerine, spearmint, lemon, ocotea, blue tansy, white fir, lavender, galbanum, frankincense, Royal Hawaiian sandalwood, black spruce, and cinnamon bark.


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When Energy and Motivation are Lacking Because of Emotions:


Sometimes our emotions keep us from wanting to do things. In that case, these oils are a good choice.


Frankincense – This oil can help us connect with God and help us feel grounded and have Frankincense essential oilpurpose. Sometimes we are angry with God and need to reconnect with Him and let Him guide us to a sense of purpose and trust. When we get more grounded and have purpose our energy and motivation increases.


Joy – Whether we are sad or just having a bad day, the Joy oil blend invites bliss, warmth and togetherness. When you’re not feeling joyful, everything seems hard. This blend helps improve your outlook on life and get more things done.


This Young Living blend includes bergamot, lemon, palmarosa, ylang ylang, rose, geranium, Roman chamomile, coriander, and tangerine. Apply to the skin and/or diffuse in an essential oil diffuser.



Oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit to use for Energy and Motivation:


Lemon – This oil has an uplifting aroma that can reduce stress when inhaled. It can also help promote clarity of thought and purpose in life. The oil blends Clarity, Awaken, Forgiveness, essential oils for weight lossSurrender, and Transformation all contain lemon oil.


Apply to the skin and/or diffuse in an essential oil diffuser. The Vitality version of this oil can also be added to water for a refreshing and energizing drink. Many friends say that they feel more energy throughout the day when they have been drinking their lemon oil water.


Peppermint – This energizing and stimulating essential oil for energy has so many amazing uses! When applied to the skin, inhaled or diffused, this oil provides a quick wake up to the body that can provide energy and motivation when needed. It is in these blends – Clarity, PanAway, RC, Raven, Relieve It, and Transformation.


If you’ve never used essential oils before, I encourage you to get these oils from Young Living with a wholesale account. This is the best value and gives you the ability to earn free oils and have an oil diffuser to use for your whole family.


If you want to get these essential oils for energy in your home and take advantage of all of the resources I provide for those in our group, follow the instructions on the right side of this page or here and use to complete your registration.


I provide lots of resources, information, and hand-holding for those that need it once you get your essential oils through this link.


Read this if you’re thinking Does it Really Matter where I Buy Essential Oils? Contact me if you have any questions at all about getting essential oils.


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Essential Oils for Energy You Need to Use

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    1. These are all Young Living oils. Gary Young found that when he blended essential oils together in certain combinations that they worked even better. You can get a Young Living starter kit at a discount and then be able to buy the oils at wholesale or you can buy them at retail. Both options are available at with directions on the side bar at this blog. Let me know if you have any questions. Yes

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