How to Know the Best Carrier Oils to Mix with Essential Oils

Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils


If you’ve been using essential oils at all, you have probably heard about carrier oils. But which are the best carrier oils to use? Are they necessary? Is one carrier oil better to use than another? What about brands?


Best Carrier Oil

I will work on answering all your questions in this post, so sit back and enjoy the information.


What is a Carrier Oil?


Although essential oils are made from plant material, carrier oils are made from the nuts of the trees. They are thicker and absorb into the skin slower.


Carrier oils are great to use with essential oils especially if you are new to using essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated and if you are the least bit scared of them, make sure you mix them with a carrier oil.


You can always add more essential oils to your mixture if you are not seeing any results. If you happen to apply an essential oil directly and start experiencing any discomfort, just apply a carrier oil and the discomfort should disappear immediately.


What Type of Carrier Oil Should I Get?


Cold-pressed and organic oils are best. They absorb best into the skin.


In Jen O’Sullivan’s book French Aromatherapy, she lists a whole bunch of carrier oils along with recommendations on how to use them. If you use essential oils a lot, you will want to get this book!



Questions to Ask When Choosing Carrier Oils


Where are you going to apply the oils – feet, body, face, hair?


What is your skin type – is it sensitive, normal, oily, or dry?


What do Carrier Oils Do and Which are the Best Carrier Oils to Use?


Carriers oils basically dilute the essential oils that you are going to use.


Jen O’Sullivan states that the short answer to the best carrier oil to use is Grapeseed oil. She prefers it even to coconut oil. She says it’s great for all skin types and can be used on every body part.


I’ve been studying and teaching on essential oils for over 6 years and I did not know this at all. It just shows me that there is always something new I can learn.


She recommends that whatever carrier oil you purchase, make sure it is 100% pure, organic, raw, unrefined, and cold-pressed.


Best carrier oils available:


Avocado oil – great for dry flaky skin.


Coconut oil – good for dry skin and makeup removal.


Grapeseed oil – great for the skin and easy to use in recipes and with rollerballs.


Hempseed oil – great for aging skin and is rich in vitamin D and good essential fatty acids.


Jamaican Black Castor oil – Good for troubled skin. Very thick and sticky.


Jojoba oil – Good for sensitive skin.


Macadamia oil – Good for aging skin and in face serums.


Raspberry Seed oil – a thin oil good for aging skin. Nourishes and conditions. Has an SPF of 28-50.


Rosehip Seed oil – good for smoothing skin and also for face serums for mature skin.


Young Living carrier oil

Sweet Almond oil – Good for balancing skin tone and nourishing skin.


Young Living also has a great carrier oil blend called V-6 that contains coconut oil, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil and olive oil.


Jen’s book gives a great deal of detail on everything essential oil. I and many of my team members have learned a great deal from this book. She has another book called The Essential Oil Truth Second Edition: The Facts without the Hype


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the best carrier oils to use with essential oils.


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