Food Toxins and How to Deal With Them

When we purchase fruits and vegetables in the store, we don’t realize how many chemicals have been used on them to make them look so good. It is important to understand food toxins and to buy organic produce whenever possible. Organic produce is becoming more popular and should become even more affordable as more people ask for it.

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Food Toxins and Toxic Seeds

Besides the chemicals sprayed on food, there is also the issue of farmers using genetically modified seeds (GMO). These seeds have been modified so that weeds don’t grow around the plants. This sounds like a great idea and I understand why the seeds were created.

I believe that farmers and seed companies need to reevaluate their seeds. Looking at the general health of Americans, it seems that our health has declined since the introduction of genetically modified seeds (GMO).

Until people start standing up and demanding answers as to why there are so many people with autoimmune diseases, obesity and many other conditions, nothing will change. When people speak up and use their purchasing power to show what they want in food, only then will the food producers listen.

food toxins

Organic Produce vs. Food Toxins

Purchasing as much organic food as possible will improve a family’s chances of having better health. Since more and more people are choosing organic, there are more stores that are carrying it.

Thirty years ago we didn’t have to make this choice because organic didn’t matter. Our food was not modified and was good for us to eat. Since we don’t have that choice now, organic is our only option until farming practices start changing.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Whether you use Thieves oil in a spray bottle with water, Young Living’s fruit and vegetable wash, or another alternative, the point is that washing our fruits and vegetables is very important to our health.  I even spray fruits like cantelopes and bananas that have a tough rind along with my organic produce.

vegetable wash

Toxin Free Life

Are you ready to start a toxin free life? Eliminating as many toxins as possible will give your family the best chance at optimal health. Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more and I can answer all your questions and guide you along the way.

Posted by Heidi
February 8, 2016

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