How to Keep the Air in Your Home Toxin Free

We’ve talked about toxins in food and personal care products in previous posts. Now it’s time to talk about the toxins in our air and how to keep them out of our homes.


Although air fresheners, room sprays, and candles have nice scents and seem like they are good for us, the truth is that they may contain potentially harmful chemicals. Various studies have been done on the number of chemicals in these products.

Dr. Anne Steinemann of the University of Washington has studied both traditional and “green” products for the chemicals that they emitted. “All of them,” Steinemann reveals, “emitted chemicals that are classified as toxic or hazardous under federal laws. … These chemicals are ones that can damage the brain, the lungs, the central nervous system, and cause cancer. …I have not yet found a fragrance consumer product that didn’t emit these chemicals that were classified as toxic or hazardous.”

“In the past two years, I’ve received more than 1,000 e-mails, messages, and telephone calls from people saying: ‘Thank you for doing this research, these products are making me sick, and now I can start to understand why,’” Steinemann said.

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Small Amount of Toxins

Manufacturers refute this information about there being harmful chemicals in their products claiming that these chemicals are not a hazard to consumers because they are in such small quantities.  If you get a few chemicals from 30 products a day, that can cause health issues to even the healthiest individual.

Burning candles, spraying air fresheners, having a wall plug-in air freshener and breathing in all the other chemicals in personal care and cleaning products weigh on our bodies and especially respiratory systems.

Most candles are made in China. Do you think China cares what they put in our candles? Check the ingredients in candles. You will find that most of them contain harmful chemicals you don’t want your family breathing. Our bodies adapt to a lot. But when we constantly put them under strain, they can only handle so much before they start to weaken.

What to Use Instead of Air Fresheners, Room Sprays and Candles

Since so many store-bought products contain many potentially harmful chemicals, we choose to diffuse essential oils instead. They provide a clean fresh scent that is actually beneficial to our family’s health. Always use a cool mist micronizing diffuser and never heat essential oils.

We choose any scent we like and don’t have tons of candles sitting around. Essential oils can improve the health or mood of family members too. When feeling something coming on, we diffuse Thieves oil. When everyone seems cranky, we diffuse Joy, Purification, or Lemon oil. There are tons of oils and oil combinations for every situation from stink feet to burned dinner and more. Cleaning the air and providing a health benefit at the same time is a win-win for every family.

Young Living oils are the only ones we use. I was able to get a set of the 11 most popular oils, a diffuser, samples, and starter information with a wholesale account at The wholesale account allows us to purchase essential oils. We get the oils we need and have access to free-with-purchase oils too. Contact me for detailed information and support.

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Diffusing oils is a safe and effective way to purify the air in your home without using harmful store-bought products. Not only are essential oils in a diffuser, safer, but they are actually good for you. They can provide physical, emotional, and mental support to all members of the family!

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