How To Support Healthy Emotions with Essential Oils

We love using essential oils to support healthy emotions in our home. Here are a ton of basic and advanced tips on how to use essential oils for emotions.

how to balance emotions with essential oils

Up until six years ago, I had no idea that there were essential oils for emotions. Thankfully, someone shared this information with me and I want to share it with you.

Essential Oil Basics:

Let’s start with the basics in case you don’t know what essential oils are or what they can do.

Essential oils have been used all over the world in every country for thousands of years. They were used before modern medicine existed.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and put into bottles for us to use. If plants didn’t have essential oils in them, they wouldn’t be able to live. It’s just like if we didn’t have blood in our veins, we can’t live.

This essence of the plant is very concentrated and useful.what are essential oils

There are three ways to use essential oils. You can diffuse them in a cool mist diffuser, apply them to the skin or take them internally in a liquid or in capsule form.ways to use essential oils

Important Fact to Remember When Using Oils for Healthy Emotions:

  1. Not all essential oils are created equally. Most essential oils on the market contain additives and the ingredients are not required to be listed on the bottle.
  2. Quality is important when using oils on humans and animals. We love our family members and pets and don’t want any harsh chemical additives in our essential oils that could harm them.
  3. There is only one essential oil company in the world that I believe provides truly pure oils. Young Living essential oils are the leader in pure essential oils in the world. I have visited their farms and am very familiar with how they grow, distill, and test all their oils. Trust me on this one. Only buy your essential oils from Young Living. (See the image on the sidebar for directions on how to get Young Living oils for the best price.)

chemical free checklist

Back to Essential Oils and Emotions

Think about smells and how you feel when you smell an orange or a lemon. Smells affect us in many ways whether we want them to or not. positive emotions with essential oils

Essential oils can impact emotions through the limbic system of the brain. Smell triggers emotions in our brain. When we smell something good or bad, usually an emotion comes to mind and causes us to think about something from the past. essential oils limbic system

We can identify emotions using Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions.

identify emotions plutchick

essential oil emotions

There are eight basic emotions that have varying ranges. Opposing emotions are directly across from each other on the wheel.eight basic emotions

basic emotions

Opposing Emotions and How to Help Balance Them

Let’s explore the first two opposing emotions – Joy and Sadness. Check the oils and blends listed next to each emotion. These will give you some idea of what oils to use.

Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils created essential oil blends for specific purposes. The oil blends listed next to the emotions are the best ones to use for emotional balancing and healthy or sadness

Trust and disgust are opposing emotions. Check the oils listed in this graphic to know what oils to use to help with these emotions. trust or disgust emotions

Fear and anger are powerful emotions to get under control. Here is a great list of oils to help with emotional balancing.

fear or anger emotions

Anticipation and surprise are two more opposing emotions. The oil blends listed here are so beneficial for healthy emotions!

anticipation or surprise emotions

Young Living is the only company I know of that provides a collection of oils for feelings. This collection is essential for those people wanting to support their emotional health and wellness.

Essential oil blends included in this collection:

essential oil feelings collection

Forgiveness is such an important emotion to grasp for emotional support. If you are dealing with unforgiveness in an area of your life, chances are, you are having trouble being emotionally healthy it other areas of your life too. forgiveness essential oil

Harmony oil is great to diffuse or apply when relationships feel strained or need support. harmony essential oil

Powerful Emotion Oils

Inner Child is one of the most powerful emotion oils that Young Living makes. I have seen lots of people experience important breakthroughs in their life by smelling this oil and applying it regularly. inner child essential oil

It’s so important to live in the present. Present Time oil blend helps people live in the present. Oftentimes, we live in the past or the future and don’t really enjoy the present where we are living now. present time essential oil

It’s easy to get stuck emotionally. Release oil blend helps our mind let go of emotions that sometimes we don’t even know we are holding on to. This is another powerful blend for all ages desiring healthy emotions.release essential oil

Valor II does just what the name implies. There are times in life when we need extra strength or courage to face a certain situation or person. This oil blend smells wonderful and can encourage feelings of courage.

History tells us that Roman soldiers used to smell or apply spruce oil before going into battle. Therefore, we are wise to apply this oil blend in stressful situations. Valor essential oil

Young Living essential oils provide a starter kit for people who want to use essential oils at a reduced price.

This starter kit includes 11 popular oils (Lemon, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, copaiba, Raven, Citrus Fresh, Stress Away, Thieves, Panaway, and DiGize) , a diffuser, membership (this allows you to purchase oils at wholesale) and various samples and reference materials. There are three oils in the starter kit that are particularly good for helping with healthy emotions. essential oil starter kit

How to Get Essential Oils

If you want to start using essential oils, then I recommend this starter kit to give you everything you will need. To get Young Living Oils, go to and follow these steps:


1 – choose “member” (NOT “customer”) and fill in required info with ID #1342358 in both spaces, (they should already be filled in)

 2 – choose “premium starter kit”
 3 – Then choose “no thank you” at the bottom of that section unless you want to be in the rewards program with an order each month.

Then just follow the shipping and payment info and you’re done.

Let me know if you have any questions at all or contact me here and I can handle the above steps for you.get started with essential oils

Essential Rewards is a program where you can earn even more essential oils and products on a monthly basis. essential oil rewards

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Rewards and how our family uses this program, feel free to contact me and I will help you every step of the way.

For reference information about essential oils and healthy emotions, check out the books in this graphic.

essential oil resources

I hope this information has been helpful to you in your journey of living emotionally healthy. Please feel free to contact me or comment here if you have any questions at all.

essential oil fact sheet

healthy emotions

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