How to Use Essential Oils for Homeschooling Success

Essential oils are used by many homeschooling parents. There are countless health benefits, but they can also help with memory, focus, mood, and much more. Many homeschool families use essential oils each day with great success.

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What are Essential Oils?

Basically, essential oils are the life blood of the plant. They flow from the roots to the leaves and back. Just like we can’t live without blood in our bodies, plants can’t live without the essential oils flowing through them. These oils can be steam distilled in a proprietary low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation so we can have the essence of the plant right in a bottle!

When using pure therapeutic essential oils, they can be applied topically or diffused into the air. Take them internally with the Vitality line we will cover here.

Topical just means applying to the skin directly or with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. Diffusing essential oils is just basically putting water and about 5 drops of essential oil into a cool mist diffuser. You don’t want to heat essential oils so a cool mist device approved for essential oil use is the best way to diffuse oils into the air. The oil kit I talk about at the end includes a free diffuser, so read all the way to the end.

Most common essential oils for homeschooling and how to use them

Lemon – Lemon oil has a wonderful scent. Diffuse it to help increase mental alertness and lift the mood of those in the area. Students and parents can put a drop or two of lemon vitality oil in a glass cup with water and enjoy a refreshing drink all day. Most people say that they feel more energized at the end of the day when they have been drinking their lemon water.

Lavender – Lavender oil is very relaxing and many people use it to help them sleep. When families sleep well, they can enjoy a better day together. Some students find that using lavender during the day helps them to settle down and focus better too. This oil can also help to calm anxiety and stress. For more information on essential oils for homeschool and recipes with lavender, check

Peppermint – This oil is very beneficial for the body. It can help provide energy and focus. Many school teachers provide peppermint candies on test day because it is a proven fact that peppermint helps you retain the material you have learned. My daughters in college use this oil a lot. It is such a versatile oil that can be used very effectively to support the whole body!

Thieves – This is an oil blend that is very helpful to the body. The Vitality Thieves oil can be taken in milk or dropped into capsules and taken internally. Many parents diffuse this oil every day in their homes and others just use it when their families need support.

More Oils You Can Use for Homeschooling

Purification – Every home has smelly places at one time or another. Some have smelly cars, smelly shoes, smelly basements, or burned dinner smells. This is oil blend is soothing to the skin and can help you enjoy the outdoors more too.

Stress Away – This is another oil blend that Young Living has created to help moms, dads, and kids everywhere. Diffuse this oil to help promote relaxation and tranquility.

DiGize – This is a great oil to apply to the stomach. It promotes healthy digestion and can help parents and students feel great.

RC – Diffuse and apply this oil blend to help everyone in the family. This is a great blend to use in the winter.

Frankincense – Mentioned 22 times in the Bible, this oil supports the body and can help balance emotions and promote meditation.

I recommend using ONLY Young Living essential oils. Since they are so pure, they are the only pure oils I would put on my family.  The oils mentioned here are some of the most popular essential oils that Young Living provides and are all included in the starter kit with the diffuser. Many homeschool families use this kit with great results. For more advanced oil information, uses and recipes, and more about essential oils for homeschooling contact me and I will guide you each step of the way.

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