Common and Surprising Ways to Use Essential Oils for Dogs

Since so many people love their pets, I thought it would be fun to give some information on using essential oils for dogs. I’ll be sharing a bunch of recipes and recommendations. Enjoy!

oils to use on dogs


Getting Started with Oils for Dogs:

oils for dogs

We’ll be explaining how to safely use oils on dogs, how to support the health of dogs, and recipes to help along the way.

Here’s how to diffuse, apply and use oils internally with dogs. When diffusing oils, both humans and animals can benefit since everyone is smelling them.

Here is a great graphic to use to know how to properly dilute essential oils with dogs. Also, check the recommendations for carrier oils to use too.


Most Popular Essential Oils to Use:

For those that have Young Living oils, we’ll be sharing how to use the oils in the starter kit on dogs. For those that don’t have Young Living oils, you can get started with the instructions on the right side of the page to get your oils at wholesale. Or you’re welcome to contact me or schedule a free 20 minute wellness call with me (If you are not already affiliated with an essential oil company) so you can ask my any questions you like about oils. starter kit

Copaiba is first on the list. It is a great oil for digestion, irritations, and for gaining flexibility and mobility. Look up beta-caryophyllene and see what properties copaiba has in common with other plants. copaiba

Use frankincense for emotions, skin, brain health, immune support, and focus. This is such a versatile oil that everyone should be using. frankincense

Lavender! What would we do without lavender at our house! This is such a versatile and calming oil. It’s great for skin, emotions, calming, and so much more.


Peppermint is one of my favorite oils because it is so powerful and useful for so many things. It is great for the digestive system. We also use it for sinus health (on humans), mental focus, and for cooling us off when it’s hot.


DiGize is a Young Living oil blend that is also key for helping promote a healthy digestive system.


PanAway is another Young Living exclusive blend that many people and animals use to support healthy joints and muscles.


Purification is another Young Living exclusive blend that helps freshen up anything stinky or keep annoyances away when you’re outside.


Stress Away blend – No one has time for stress so use this instead.

stress away


RC is a great blend for the respiratory system and can be used when training or exercise.


thieves oil

Oil Kits just for use with Animals:

Once you have gotten familiar with the oils in the Young Living kit, you can explore more oils specifically designed for pets called Animal Scents.

animal scents oils

When you start using up your oils from the starter kit, why not get free oils and supplements too. Young Living has an essential rewards program for those that choose to order at least 50pv in products each month. Shipping is discounted and points accumulate so that you can order free products. Who doesn’t love knowing that every order they place will net them up to 25% back in free products!

essential rewards

I hope you have enjoyed this information about using essential oils for dogs.

Don’t have Young Living oils and want to give them a try or want to know more? Then you are welcome to contact me or schedule a free 20 minute wellness call with me (if you don’t already have a Young Living essential oils account).

Stay tuned for more posts on recipes and other ways to use oils with dogs.









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  1. I have never thought to use essential oils with my dog. She is so scared of storms so next time I will whack on the diffuser and add some lavender. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing with #motivationalmondays